Biden Seems to be in a Very Good Mood…

Biden seems to be in a very good mood.
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden seems to be in a very good mood.

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Of course Joe’s happy… ignorance is bliss.

Should be illegal a president reads from a prompter. If he can’t speak his own mind on the issue why is he in office?

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What a bumbling,blithering,embarrassment, this mentally detached,clown sockpuppet needs to be removed from office, with his generals, blinken,sullivan,mckenzie, and all other minions that helped plan this disaster, and total catastophe. And trap americans and allies behind enemy terrorists, who are now slaughtering christians,our allies,and probably Americans next who can’t get out.After they all resign,we need to arrest them and charge them with treason and espionage.


The Clinton global initiative.


Wouldn’t you be if you just out bungled the obungler?

Lillian Reheusser

Of course he is. He’s one step closer to destroying America. He’s been trying for a long time.