Biden Says A Black Man Invented the Light Bulb

Biden Shocker, Says 'A Black Man Invented the Light Bulb'
Image credit to Wiki Media. Image modified from original.

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed — during a town hall in Kenosha, Wisconsin — that a black man invented the light bulb, not Thomas Edison.

Frustrated, Biden also said that teachers in history class don’t teach the real history to the students, and that creates a problem.

A black man invented the light bulb, not a white man named Thomas Edison.

The fact is that Lewis Latimer, the inventor who Joe Biden was referring to, was the man who enhanced Edison’s light bulb, but did not create the light bulb itself.

According to Biden, people should get the facts straight so they should be taught about what’s actually true.

Based on the history we know, Edison worked on creating an inexpensive electric light in 1878, but had a real breakthrough in October of 1979.

When Edison created the electric bulb, he used platinum filament, but later replaced it with bamboo filament in the summer of 1880.

There were some technical issues with Edison’s incandescent lighting system, though it was used in the Parish Light Exhibition in 1881, and the Crystal Palace in London in 1882.

Now what Latimer contributed to the bulb created by Edison was the filament made with more durable carbon, according to the report published by Lamelson-MIT. 

Latimer was a crucial member of Edison’s Pioneer, the elite research team of Edison.

Later, Latimer sold the patent for the Incandescent Electric Light Bulb with carbon filament and went on to patent the manufacturing process of carbon filament. He also created the threaded socket for the enhanced bulb.

Latimer is also an author of the book “Incandescent Electric Lighting”, published in 1890.

Eventually he became the first African-American investor after starting out his career as Alexander Graham Bell’s assistant.

Latimer’s other crucial inventions include the first toilet on railroad cars in 1874, and the predecessor of the modern air-conditioning system in 1886.

Although in modern bulbs, tungsten filament is used — which is more durable than any other filament materials — when it comes to making electric light widespread in public or in homes, Latimer will always be remembered as the inventor of the modern light system, according to the Lamelson-MIT program.

Joe Biden should have comprehended the history of light bulb in a better way, as Latimer should be credited for his significant improvement of the light bulb regularly used these days. However, the fact remains that Edison was the first person to invent the light bulb itself.

Now, the crucial question that appears on the foreground is — was it the fault of Biden’s knowledge of history about the invention of the light bulb, or was it just another one of Biden’s gaffes?

We have seen in multiple speech events that Biden goes through his customary mental fogs and says things that he himself had no clue about.

Does Joe Biden have any clue about what year it is? We cannot say yes after the recent incident from his basement video. During a recent virtual event from his basement, Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to have forgotten what year it is, while he was discussing the 2020 census.

One thing Joe Biden needs to realize is that these are not laughable Joe Biden gaffes anymore. Rather, these are the signs of serious cognitive issues. It is not confirmed if he has Alzheimer’s disease, but he definitely has a degenerative neurological disorder in which dementia is a part.

We all get forgetful with age, and that’s quite an inevitable factor related to aging. But when it comes to running the world’s best nation, someone with this mental condition is definitely not the right presidential candidate that the American people deserve.