Biden’s ‘Dislikes’ Are Mysteriously Disappearing on YouTube?

Biden's 'Dislikes' Are Mysteriously Disappearing on YouTube?
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

During Joe Biden’s presidential nomination acceptance speech, both his personal YouTube page and Democratic Party’s YouTube page saw a huge number of dislikes from the audience. The number of dislikes is higher than the number of likes at the time.

Yet, a miracle just happened after the Democratic National Convention event concluded. The number of dislikes kept decreasing and dropped mysteriously after the DNC night. The rapidly changing statistics have led many people on social media to wonder if the Google-owned platform YouTube is working for Biden’s promotion.

The total number of Democratic Convention night stream “dislikes” or the people pressing the dislike button dropped on Friday below the number where it was on Thursday night. The removed number of dislikes could be a signal that YouTube has somehow detected fake accounts or bots trying to manipulate the election, or it could be a signal of something else, according to the experts.

Tech giants for a long time have been working against the Republicans for perceived anti-conservative bias.

There were more dislikes than likes on the DNC event on Thursday, but later, many of them disappeared, and the ration moved in the opposite direction. Compared to Thursday’s ration, dislikes and likes had become more tightened on Friday night.

The news of a drop in “dislikes” in real time between Thursday evening and mid-day of Friday has led some YouTube users to find a trend.

A video posted by a popular YouTube user, “Nina e,” has shown the screenshots of the number of dislikes for the 2020 Democratic National Convention live streaming dropping in a rapid manner.

The Youtuber said that after seeing so many dislikes disappearing on that particular video of the DNC convention, she decided to take the series of screenshots to prove the censorship in favor of Joe Biden.

In this specific video, the user did the refreshing/reopening the page of the 4th DNC convention video. Before refreshing the page, the number of dislikes was 5.9k but became 2.9K just after reopening it, while the number of likes increased. After that, the deletion of dislikes continued, but the user didn’t document it. It’s still unknown to everyone how these dislikes are being erased as they appear on the screen.

According to the user, this particular CENSORSHIP mechanism implemented by the social media giant YouTube is to hide the unpopularity of Joe Biden to influence people to vote for him and outnumber the voters of Trump.

Just The New requested both the executives from Google and Biden’s campaign managers, but both have yet to respond.

The data and poll expert Scott Rasmussen, who conducts the show Just The News, said that they have the new metrics and currently working on it to figure out what this incident of disappearing dislikes mean.

There is already a lot of trolling going on with various social media platforms. It’s not an easy job to interpret these numbers, and obviously, no one likes to receive more negative than positive feedback.

At the end of the day, the big challenge for Joe Biden is that he knows that he will not be a beloved candidate. His challenge is to be less disliked than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, yet his primary campaign solely focuses on his opponent.

Rasmussen also noted that in 2016, several people voted for Donald Trump not as a pro-Trump but as an anti-Hillary Clinton. The scenario could reverse as many people are waiting to vote for Biden as an anti-Trump.