Biden Repeats Debunked Charlottesville Hoax

Biden Repeats Debunked Charlottesville Hoax
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While introducing Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), Joe Biden shed some light on the Charlottesville “fine people on both side” hoax.

Joe Biden delivered his first-ever crucial speech as the nominee for the Democratic Presidential. Every word of his speech was fact-checked. He described how Trump has clouded the country in darkness and suffering.

The White Nationalist’s Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, stirred many minds. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, alongside his running mate, Kamala Harris, were present to reminisce during the third anniversary of the Charlottesville event.

“Very fine people,” was a remark made by Trump in the midst of the rally, which was not perceived well by the Democrats. Biden referred to the statement and said that this remark stimulated him to launch a presidential campaign.

The right-wing voices cannot be left unheard. Media voices have been clamoring repeatedly that Biden’s reference to Trump was totally irrelevant. What is perceived as a statement of encouragement is criticism in reality. Trump had criticized and denounced White nationalists and neo-Nazis.

What did Trump actually pitch? 

Before jumping to conclusions, it is worth taking a quick look at what President Donald J. Trump had said on the 15th of August, 2017.

“You do have a bunch of bad people in that group, but there were fine people too, in both groups.”

Trump made it very clear he was not supporting or encouraging White nationalists. In fact, both neo-Nazis and White nationalists must be condemned.

Trump said that there was a lot happening behind the scenes. By taking a good look a night before, he realized that there were more people passively taking part in the rally. “You call them neo-Nazis or White nationalists,” he had said. There were people who silently protested and abolished the statue of Robert E. Lee. Were they not bad enough?

The Truth

On August 11th of 2017, White nationalists started hopping out on the streets with torches. This was the tiki torch march. The protest however was certainly not silent. The nationalists marched with lit torches, made Nazi salutes, and screamed slogans like “White Lives Matter,” and “You Will Not Replace Us.”

The mob got into brawls with counter-demonstrators. It was marked as the black day in Charlottesville. Violence was on a roll. There was bloodshed, but the worst of all — people were celebrating hate.

Instead of taking action, Trump voiced his approval. He stuck to his remark that there were bad people on both sides.

In short, blood and soil was not enough of a wake-up call for our dear President!

Breitbart, a website that stands in support of the right-wing, described Biden’s statement as an preposterous lie. The ‘Fine people’ theory was discredited back in 2017. Trump wasn’t encouraging racism or speaking of racists. He made his remark in a debate regarding the statue.

Trump praising the neo-Nazis in the Charlottesville Valley is nothing but an unjustified allegation.

On the August 15th edition of the popular “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” the host ranted about how Biden was so keen and desperate to start a war between the races.

There’s a video showing how Biden kept highlighting that Trump supported the White supremacists, walking out of the field with lighted torches. Biden clearly mentioned that he couldn’t stand to let Trump speak about how there were good people on both ends.

On August 16, in the edition of “The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton,” Fox News’ spokesperson Lisa Boothe described Biden’s statement as an outright blatant lie.

The reality is far more complex than your imagination. It is just about a handful of media outlets, making way for Biden to speak ill about Trump and the infamous Charlottesville black day. The right-wing media, on the contrary, are trying to set things straight. They are helping Trump defend his campaign against Biden’s, and undo the wrongs in Trump’s political tenure as a President.

The history of the event in Charlottesville is of monumental importance. However, the truth must be out, not one of Biden’s cooked up hoaxes.