Biden Left Dumbfounded for 15 Disastrously Awkward Seconds

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The presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden joined Mika Brzezinski for an MSNBC interview without any prepared rebuttal: Mika Brzezinski brought up Tara Reade’s sexual-assault allegation by surprise, and Joe Biden came out dumbfounded on the other side. 

In Delaware, where Joe Biden resides, he attempted to give light upon the allegations thrown at him from his former Senate staff member Tara Reade, who professed that he sexually assaulted her in 1993. 

Joe Biden discredited the accusations on Morning Joe (MSNBC), and in the course, he seemed aloof from his cognitive decline. 

Mika Brzezinski circumvented beating around the bush, which a lot of people were anticipated and interrogated Joe Biden regarding his transparency on the allegation. Mika Brzezinski asked him if he was willing to cooperate with the release of his records from his time as a senator from Delaware to the public.

The records are withheld by the University of Delaware, containing more than 1,800 boxes of videos, documents, photos, and other files, along with a collection of digital files, as outlined by Delaware’s The News Journal.

It’s speculated that the files contain concrete evidence in supporting Tara Reade’s allegations.

The exchange between Mika Brzezinski and Joe Biden regarding the records might end his Presidential campaign.

“Are you certain there was nothing about Tara Reade in those records?” as Mika Brzezinski pressured Joe Biden during the interview.

“Why not approve a search of her name in those records?” she added after Joe Biden ignored the question, emphasizing that the records were meant to be revealed to the public years ago but were mandated to be concealed when Joe Biden announced he was running for president.

“There is nothing,” Joe Biden answered, indicating that the records would not contain personnel files.

Afterward, Mika Brzezinski questioned Joe Biden if he would allow a search of only Tara Reade’s name in the records.

Biden’s response classic Joe Biden: Brzezinski, was met with a stalemate. Joe Biden initially responded with silence while appearing utterly aloof.

“This is how Joe Biden reacted when he was asked if he would allow his University of Delaware papers to be searched for anything relating to Tara Reade and if found, released,” Johnson stated. “This is very telling.”

The candidate seemed completely confused and unprepared, as we’ve grown accustomed to classic Joe Biden.

It’s not clear where Biden’s thoughts were, but it didn’t seem to be on the interview or transparent regarding concrete accusation against him.

Joe Biden was like an amateur actor onstage stuttering on his dialogue in a bad live-action drama.

The former vice president did not have a direct response towards the question or concern about clearing his name and required Mika Brzezinski to guide him through the interview.

If Joe Biden isn’t transparent enough, or present-minded enough to react to a question from a Biden-friendly network such as MSNBC, how is he supposed to lead the country?

The sexual-assault allegation from Tara Reade aside, which Biden did outright deny. Can anyone honestly believe that the former VP has the stamina or integrity demanded to lead Americans?

If things were put in perspective: Joe Biden was a senator in his early 30s and staled in that role for 40 years, after which he won the Vice Presidential vote. Then, after the 2016 election, he became the Democrat candidate-in-waiting.

He’s now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. Come November, and he’ll either be the president-elect or the man who lost to Donald Trump. Whatever happens, he’s most likely to spend the rest of his life governing.

In short, Joe Biden will retire from public life when he’s cremated or embalmed. Two years afterward, we’ll finally uncover whether there were documents in his files relating to Tara Reade’s sexual-assault allegation against Biden. Hope you can wait until then, people.