Biden Laughs Off the Question Over Declining Confidence in His Leadership…

Biden Laughs Off the Question Over Declining Confidence in His Leadership...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden laughs off question over declining confidence in his leadership: “I haven’t seen that poll.”

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Laughs like a person who has enjoyed total impunity all his life.

It’s almost like Biden thinks that reporter is talking about a casual acquaintance.

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He had a basic decision to make, and he fluked it up! God help us if he has to make a difficult decision!

Mark orro

He is laughing because he know nobody ever had any confidence

Pat Dietrich

He knows he rigged the election & got away with it!


Obama told Joe not to listen to jealous people. Everyone’s jealous.


Ol BeRo also made the statement of (Do NOT underestimate Joe’s ability to F things up severely!)


This stupid idiot never has had any grip on reality because he’s lied so much he doesn’t know the difference between fact or fiction. He has that stupid little grin on his face and I’ve learned anyone with a stupid little grin is a POS! I’d love to put my fist in his mouth.


Impeach him, and his little ho too!