Biden Introduces Plan to add 4 Years to Public School?

Biden Introduces Plan to add 4 Years to Public School?

Breitbart News
– In his address to Congress, Biden said he would be introducing the American Families Plan, which would address “access to a good education” and would offer four more years of public education to U.S. students to allow them to “compete in the 21st century.”

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Remember in Animal Farm, how they took the puppies away and raised them away from the mother and later unleashed them as fully grown attack dogs?

Psychopaths…every one of them.

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More years of democrap CCP indoctrination.


Exactly what I was thinking!

charles wilkins

Communist China has taken over our elections and set up a puppet Joe Biden government designed to bankrupt our American values and Country. Several overseas locations altered our election process which had been manipulated by numerous foreign countries (China Russia Iran) all designed to steal, alter, our election results. Our State voting laws were broken, in several key States, knowing the voting laws were deliberately altered , they broke many laws to assist in this process. This all  could have been stopped but key Democrat, Socialist, players are now within our government for money, power position, became players in this game of Cyber election
attacks to alter voter results. The Biden’s have been well paid pawns of the Chinese Communist Party, two hundred million plus and still counting , ask Hunter for confirmation, the virus was designed for the beginning of plans to disrupt our election process. Those political powers who were involved are traitors, to our Union, remember our oath taken by all, to protect, defend our country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, Look no further then Kerry’s recent selling out Israel as well as his own Country. What is this great love for a country sworn to destroy us and Israel? Look at Biden using the DOJ and FBI as a political arm of government throwing our constitutional rights in the trash can.


cant get all them brainwashed enough without 4 more years?

Dawg Hersey

joey has had about 50 years and hes still uneducated


4 more years? are you kidding me? they can’t make it thru high school with just a basic education.and he thinks they can compete in the tech world?the us ranks 17th in the world in math!what a joke as alot of these kids can’t walk and chew gum at the same time!

Kristy Z Warshauer

Duh ..