Biden in Trouble: Massive Blowback is Coming…

Biden in Trouble: Massive Blowback is Coming...
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Ben Shapiro – Shapiro explains why American’s won’t stand for the incompetence of Biden’s spend first, tax later policy and how it will impact the 2022 elections.

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It doesn’t matter, he’s protected by his crooked backers.

Why’s he pushing to buy American when he sells America out and buys Chinese? We had a president who ran with an “American First” policy. Biden is a joke.

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Hidenbiden, is a pathetic, corrupt,racist,lying,senile,frail,old,fool,puppet,installed by the deep state, Americans know he never won the election, and he needs to be removed for total incompetency, he is traitor, selling our country out.


Biden is sick ma. What do you want from him, man?1

Gerald S Ladd

LOL…most DemonRATS are too stupid to see what’s going on.