Biden HATES His Voters

Biden HATES His Voters
Image credit to gageskidmore. Image modified from original.

In the current political climate, Joe Biden is not worried if you choose to vote for him or not. Yes, he certainly is really not concerned.

One of his latest campaigns was in Iowa where the former Vice President made several bizarre statements. At the least, his responses were given to potential voters who could make a difference in his campaign.

Here are a few instances to begin with.

A man asked Joe Biden about new pipeline issues, and whether he is planning to build new ones. Biden was also asked about the climate crisis, and what he intends to do about it. On both of these questions, Biden responded with, “Go vote for someone else.”

Ed Fallon, the former representative of Iowa State said that he would support Joe Biden in any election, over current President Donald Trump. However, he is not willing to support Biden within Iowa. Mainly because Iowa hates Biden. On several occasions, Joe Biden is assumed to be a supporter of Bernie Sanders. As a result, the people of Iowa are not quite fond of Biden, or his notions.

What does Biden Think?

When it comes to the emotions of Joe Biden, things are pretty different. He strongly feels that the people of Iowa are asking him to create an impression, without any support for him, or his plan. This is why he is portraying a picture of hatred, especially towards the voters of Iowa.

When he has to respond to the public, he feels like he is running for a caucus and a primary.

Since Biden has strong goals and is running for a cause – he feels absolutely OK. Biden has no issues pointing at a potential voter’s chest and speaking out his actual opinions.

Meanwhile, it is also quite evident that the man, who asked him is an ardent follower of Sanders. When puzzled about whom he supported, the man’s reply was “Tom Steyer.”

What did Steyer Say?

All of these events created ripples in the online world. People had multiple opinions on why and how Biden should respond. Meanwhile, Tom Steyer had his views.

Steyer took the social media channel, Twitter, to voice his thoughts.

He told the world that, “This is no way to treat an Iowan.” Steyer continued to acknowledge the fact that he voted for “Dem”. This is mainly because he understood the urgency of defeating Trump and finding a new President.

With recent events, even Steyer feels that something different needs to be done. The climate has to be improved in Iowa. And, if there are different opinions, Steyer is excited to talk, or even debate. This is important because victory is important in November. Taking out on potential voters is only going to make the situation go from bad to worse. This is something, no one running for President would want.

It has happened many times!

The Iowa incident was not the first time Joe Biden chose to respond differently. There have been multiple occasions, where Biden has suggested people to vote someone else.

For instance, in November 2019, Biden asked Carlos Rojas to vote for Trump. During the occasion, Carlos Rojas asked Biden about administrative deportations. Rojas is an active member of the Movimiento Cosecha, which supports immigrants.

During the intense moment, Rojas continued to puzzle Biden with thoughts and questions. Rojas said, “You have all the power required to stop deportations with executive actions.” As Rojas continued, the crowd started to support him.

Another incident occurred in December 2019. This was when Biden shared a series of intense words with Iowans. The conversation heated up, as few attendees of the campaign called Biden too old for Presidency. They also quoted Biden’s son, Hunter’s, role and job in Ukraine. Before the cameras, and everyone around, Biden quoted the man to be a “damn liar.”

The talk about Biden hating his voters would be incomplete without his encounter with an 18-year old Sunrise Movement member. Here, Biden said, “Look at my records child.” Within a couple of minutes, Biden dismissed the argument and said, “Well…. You have to vote for someone else.”