Biden FINALLY Takes Questions and Embarrasses Himself…

Biden FINALLY Takes Questions and Embarrasses Himself...
Image from video below...

– Joe Biden finally decided to take questions as his presidency has completely fallen apart in the past month and proceeded to completely embarrass himself.

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Brandon has been an embarrassment ever since he stuffed the ballot box.

The press is soooo different with Biden than with Trump.


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Robert Richey

Nothing is free in life, someone has to pay for it.

Deborah Myers

He doesn’t pay, we taxpayers do. This inflation along with his COVID mandates have made my life a day to day struggle.


Biden doesn’t care about anyone except himself! He causing the lower and middle class Americans to suffer. I’m a senior living under insurmountable stress. I can’t understand how the far left thinks inflation isn’t affecting our lives. Inflation isn’t affecting the wealthy because they’re becoming richer off the kick backs they’re making off the pharmaceutical companies. This pandemic will go on for years because everyone involved with these companies are becoming billionaires. FOLLOW the MONEY! The shots are doing what the left intended them to do. Killing off the elderly and children.. The results of their greed is money.
God Bless!