Biden Completely Forgets Where He Is During Campaign Stop


Joe Biden, a candidate from the Democratic Party, is currently running for president. He has always proved to be a strong opponent to President Donald Trump. However, things have not been great for Biden lately. He has witnessed many ups and downs on his journey. Just like many other political leaders, Biden is working from his basement.

For several months, the pandemic has kept him indoors. This is a precautionary measure used by most leaders to avoid contact with anyone who may have had contact with the virus. Safety aside, Biden has forgotten his base a couple of times.

On the 28th of July, Biden gave his most recent speech at Wilmington, Delaware. The event witnessed a smooth start, but it only lasted for a couple of minutes — as Biden forgot where he was talking. Because of this, most of his emotions and speech got distorted. Some claim that Biden appeared to be in cognitive decline.

He forgot the location where he was delivering the speech. Indeed, this turned out to be an embarrassing moment for his team and Biden himself. So how did it begin, and where did things go haywire?

The actual speech

Biden started his speech with very simple words. He greeted everyone with a warm “Good Afternoon,” and proceeded to say, “Welcome to Kingswood Community Center”. Alas, this was where all eyes rolled, and even Biden had to pause for a moment. There was a second of complete silence in the crowd before everyone realized that Biden had just spoken the wrong city. He froze for a second or two before resuming his speech.

Once the mistake was noted, it had to be fixed. Thus, Biden continued, “That is one down where I used to work.” He even portrayed the words as a simple joke used to start the entire event. As a part of completing the sentence, Biden continued to say, “I didn’t know where we were.”

With the above lines, Biden had to take a short pause and focus on his notes. He didn’t think twice to look down, and read what was penned down. With a quick glance at his well-prepared speech, Biden continued with the talk. Consequently, he didn’t forget to correct the location. He started the “next” session of his speech with “William Hicks Anderson Community Center” as the current location. Also, he proclaimed “Anderson” to be one of his friends. Details about the actual words of Joe Biden at the event were recorded and reported by FreeBeacon.

Frequent criticisms

Ever since Biden started his campaign for the November elections, he has been severely criticized by President Donald Trump for lacking mental acuity. The criticisms were seen on multiple occasions. In fact, the President had challenged Biden to take up several cognitive tests. These tests were taken by President Trump himself. Reports claim that the president scored “perfectly well” on these tests.

Chris Wallace, of Fox News, interviewed the President recently. During the interview — which was broadcasted on Sunday — President Trump took a moment to criticize Biden for not taking up the test. The interview was not very simple for the president. He was made to answer several difficult questions. In fact, the president encouraged Biden to take up similar interviews. He promised that Biden would be worried the moment “such tough questions” were raised.

Is Biden ready for interviews?

Nevertheless, Wallace had some pre-prepared responses for President Trump. He claimed that Biden was asked to appear for the interviews multiple times. However, Biden has carefully avoided the media. In fact, he has responded to Wallace stating, “Not available” on multiple occasions. Yet Wallace and his team seem to be determined. They keep asking the former Vice President to appear, week after week. Other media channels have observed this behavior of the former Vice President. In conclusion, they have come up with very curious questions.

Everyone is interested to know why Biden is not willing to answer the questions of Chris Wallace. Whereas the President himself has had time to appear on the interviews and answer tough but fair questions raised by Wallace. Undeniably, Wallace has never spun any question or situation to favor anyone.