Biden Calls Trump Supporters ‘an Armed Militia in This Country’

Biden Calls Trump Supporters ‘an Armed Militia in This Country’
Image Screenshot From NowThis News YouTube Video Below.

Joe Biden, former Vice President and the current Presidential nominee for the Democrats, names Trump supporters a bunch of ‘Armed Militia.’

Biden rubbed off President Trump for neglecting ‘Moral Leadership’ when he is the one who has been sowing violence in this country for the longest time now. The remarks made by Joe in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was bold.

Unrest and anarchy plague America while the president’s response remains bleak. It only goes to show how powerless a man Trump is.

The Democratic nominee left no stones unturned to condemn Trump and question the Trump administration. It certainly looks like Biden is running his campaigns in a full-swing.

Jacob Blake, the pinned and shot man, aroused the acts of violence and protests in Portland, Oregon. Yet, how did the president respond? He tweeted the importance of maintaining law and order in the state. That’s it, a tweet!

Joe further slammed Donald Trump during his election campaigns in Pittsburgh. The President of America is powerless and cannot stop the ongoing unrest in the country. A question that was blatantly put out by Biden was more of an accusation. He remarked that Trump had been inciting violence and brutality for years. Why would he ever choose to act or stop the barbarism that has plagued every state in the country?

Biden slammed Trump without holding back. Protests are lawful, but switching to violence and riots is not. Loots and murders are not forms of demonstrations but are ruthless lawlessness that the government is not suppressing. No amount of violence or sadism can foster new change, but would only pave the way for catastrophe. The president clearly relinquished his role as a leader of morals.

Trump could tweet as much as he wants. Scribing down the golden words of ‘order’ and ‘law’ wouldn’t make him look strong or add wings to his power. Instead, he would only seem like a powerless and failed leader.

Trump’s supporters trot to the lengths and widths of the nation, escalating disaster. They are hardly supporters, but wise to describe them as ‘Armed Militia.’ It only goes to show how faint and shaky the Trump administration is.

On Monday, in Pittsburgh, Biden mentioned the perks America would be cheering if he was a ruling President. He said, “If I had the strings to reign and was a president today, America would be a much safer place to dwell in. One thing is for sure – no citizen of the country would ever have to put up with the menacing events of barbarism and riots.”

The GOP convention, hosted last week is worth a mention. Along with his much-favored allies, the president accused Biden and the Democratic mayors and governors in cities literally on fire due to the ongoing riots, lootings, and killings. Trump also revealed how the democratic nominee was vouching to cut-down the funds allocated for Police Authorities.

Trump struck Ted Wheeler, mayor of Portland. The rumpus and scuffle between pro-Trump supporters and BLM protesters took an ugly turn. A man, closely associated with the right-wing, was shot and killed amid a brawl.

As a counterstrike to Trump’s accusation on Biden backing up violence, Joe made a shocking statement of not just criticizing Trump. Left or right doesn’t matter. The violence must come to an end, and he condemned both wings equivocally.