Biden Blames Trump For Loss Of Big Ten Football

Biden Blames Trump For Loss Of Big Ten Football
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Joe Biden stages a play and accuses Trump of putting a stop to sports in America.

The ‘Big Ten’ has decided to sit out for the fall football season, in light of the going pandemic. However, kick-starting the football season while the country is battling with COVID-19 is not a wise choice as it will impose risks of coronavirus transmission on the players.

There have been rumors ever since. Some think that the decision has much to do with politics. Kevin Warren, the appointed new commissioner of Big Ten, is known for his active political involvement in the left-wing.

Quite sometime back, there was an article in the mid of June, spilling beans about Warren and his political influence. It was also reckoned as an aggressive effort to coerce the athletes and rule out Trump in the upcoming election.

Biden has resorted to media innumerable times. This time though, he put out a 60-second ad, entitled ‘Anthem.’ The advertisement shows from desolated local fields to an empty Camp Randall Stadium in Wisconsin. Then there pops up visuals of the ‘Big House,’ home to the University Of Michigan’s famous football team.

The ad is undeniably a power-punch to the Trump administration. To spike up the 60-second ad’s impact, the National Anthem plays while the snaps and visuals are on a roll. Dwindling businesses and empty classrooms were also included in the strategic 60-second advertisement.

Joe has continuously mocked the Trump administration and his inability to take the reigns and deal with the pandemic plaguing the country.

The ad is undoubtedly shrewd as a couple of lines keep waning while the ad is on a roll. It includes ‘Trump Put America On The Sidelines’ and “Let’s Get Back In The Game.’ 

Time is certainly not in favor of the Trump Government. The ad is all set to roll on Friday, on CBS Sports Network. It is interesting to note that the version will not be similar for all the states. These spots are exquisitely modified to reach out to the masses better.

No team is playing from the Michigan Wolverines and Penn State Nittany Lions to the Wisconsin Badgers. Each of the favorite teams, making it into the Big Ten are asked to sit it out for the season.

The decision to shut-off Big Ten was a bolt from the blue. It was declared only five days before the season was about to kick-start. The decision sounds fishy and political, yet the details of the meetings and discussions are still under wraps.

Attorney Andrew Luger, the famous Big Ten lawyer, has blatantly disagreed with providing any details or transparency regarding the decision to shut down the fall football season. He went on to say that if any of the documents associated with the board of directors were made public, there would be more damage than expected.

Providing a rational clarification as to why the season was canceled can be threatening. The question is, ‘WHY?’ The decision is not unanimous. There are athlete students not in favor of the decision to rule out the football season. Sources reveal that the Nebraska players are also thinking of suing the board of directors for calling the ugly shots.

President Trump did state that he has been requesting and advising the games to resume. Losing out a football season in the fall is disheartening. Trump has made it pretty clear that Pro-Sports President is calling the shots while Biden plots and blames him.

Biden has been accusing the Trump Government and his administration of failing to manage odds of the prevailing pandemic.

Joe Biden spends millions of dollars, creating and running the ads in the ‘Big Ten’ states. Further, he is very vocal in accusing President Donald Trump in his efforts to sway off sports fans. Why vote for Trump, who is snatching away football, a crowd-favorite?

The reality though, is quite the opposite.