Biden, at Muslim voters summit, says ‘I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith’

Biden, at Muslim voters summit, says ‘I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith’
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On Monday, July 20, Democratic nominee Joe Biden took his speech beyond expectations while addressing a summit of Muslim voters. Making headlines, Joe Biden told his audience that he wished for US schools to teach more about Islam.

The summit, which was hosted by Emgage Action, was pleasantly surprised by Biden’s claim. Continuing his statement, Biden expressed his desire to see more confessional faiths being taught in US schools.

Emgage Action, which supported the Million Muslim Votes summit on Monday, is the country’s biggest Muslim-American PAC. Following Bernie Sanders’ endorsement in April at the Democratic Primary, the organization also endorsed Joe Biden last Monday.

The Muslim Voter Summit caught wind that Joe Biden planned to put a stop to current President Donald Trump’s travel ban. This travel ban has created disparities among the Muslim-majority countries.

The ban, which was implemented by Trump on the first day of his presidency, is hugely criticized to date. Even Biden accuses Trump of being unethical in his ways and of having contributed to the significant rise of Islamophobia within the country.

However, the Muslim Summit Voters were promised more than just the uprooting of this Islamophobic event. Biden also promised to effectively do what is needed to help the humanitarian crisis in Syria and Yemen.

According to Biden, he does not intend to bootlick the dictators. He instead promises to engage in demanding work to alleviate the predicament. Biden expressed that he would prioritize the needs of Palestinians and Israelis. He said that he would see to their needs and fulfill their rights to a state that belongs to themselves.

Owing to his reassuring speech at the Muslim Voters Summit, Biden proceeded to receive an endorsement on Monday. The endorsement took place under the guidance of a number of Muslim-American officials. This included a party that contained members like Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, and so on.

Biden proclaimed that the main goal of his campaign was to remove Donald Trump and enter the office as an individual capable of progress.

Biden is supposedly looking to replace Trump as someone who can heal the nation. The obvious solution, according to him, is the Biden administration, which will provide the care and attention required to deal with the country’s issues.

Biden also cites some major problems that he hopes to tackle under his office tenure. These include affordable healthcare, climate change, immigration, and so on.

Through Emgage Action, Biden spoke directly from his home in Delaware. He started off his 10-minute speech by showing gratitude for the opportunity to speak at the Muslim Voters Summit. All humans are based on the same fundamental beliefs, he stated, which is what gave him a reason to speak at the summit. 

He proceeded to show appreciation for the voter turnout — which stretched to a number of one million Muslim voters, as seen in November. Biden drew attention to their voices and their right to expression, and called out the ways in which Muslim-American Voices made an impact during the Presidential election.

The endorsement letter awarded to Biden also made an outcry towards Donald Trump’s domestic and international policies. This included the ban on travelers from Muslim-majority countries, as well as Trump’s last-minute turnaround from the Iran nuclear deal.

In contrast, the Muslim-American officials commended Biden on his many goals to improve their community’s situation. Despite not addressing any questions, Biden made a profound impact on his audience by acknowledging the Islamic faith.

He included the Islamic faith to be a part of confessional faiths that should be taught in schools.

Biden also didn’t shy away from speaking about the hate-crimes and anti-Muslim officials that were commissioned by the current government.

At the conclusion of Biden’s speech, he received more attention and support from Emgage Action. The CEO, Wa’el Alzayat, took to the mic to address the Muslim Voters Summit to convey a message of unity.

The CEO expressed that four more years of Donald Trump’s presidency would be an unfavorable situation for their communities. Thus, the upcoming Presidential election would be a matter of undetermined importance to the Muslim-American community in the US.

The CEO, like Biden, urged the Muslim-American communities to organize for a maximal voter turnout.