Biden Asked Trump to Fact Check Him, Watch His Response

Biden Asked Trump to Fact Check Him, Watch His Response
Image Screenshot From Donald J. Trump Twitter Post Below.

On Thursday evening, President Donald Trump drilled… Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden about his previous fracking claims. In response, Biden accused President Trump of lying, and he proceeded to tell him to provide video evidence after the debate.

Biden claimed, “I have never said I oppose fracking.”

President Trump replied, “You said it on tape!”

“Show the tape,” Biden shot back. “Put it on your website. The fact of the matter is he’s flat-lying.”

After the debate, President Trump took on Biden’s challenge and provided the “video evidence,” saying, “Here you go @JoeBiden!”

President Trump even went as far as to compile several clips of Biden saying on different occasions that he would eliminate fracking if he were elected as the president. In the video, Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, also said that they would ban fracking.

The whole video is only 42 seconds long, but it shows that Biden is not only a liar; it also proves that he and Harris would ban fracking without a second thought if they’re elected into office.

The video concludes with some text that reads, “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to ban fracking and kill American jobs.” If that’s not enough proof, I don’t know what is.