Biden Appoints Miserable Cuomo to a Vital WH Role?

Biden Appoints Miserable Cuomo to a Vital WH Role?

Real Clear Politics revealed that neither President Biden nor President-in-waiting Kamala Harris bothered to show up for the regularly scheduled calls with the nation’s governors.

Along with this information, a more surprising piece of news was soon reported. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who previously faced numerous calls for his resignation over his sexual harassment scandals, is now leading the COVID-19 conference calls.

In addition to his sexual misconduct allegations, there is also an issue with Cuomo’s mishandling of COVID-19 infected patients. He reportedly ordered the infected patients to stay at the state’s nursing homes, which resulted in ten thousand deaths.

Just when you thought it couldn’t have gotten worse, Cuomo deliberately covered up this incident for political reasons.

During a press conference on Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was questioned about the president and vice president’s absence from the COVID-19 conference calls. 

A reporter of the Real Clear Politics, Philip Wegmann, asked: “I’ve heard from many governors who are frustrated that they haven’t heard directly from President Biden on these weekly coordinating COVID calls. Why hasn’t he joined those weekly calls?”

Psaki refused to admit that the reason for his absence was related to Andrew Cuomo. Instead, she chose to evade the question and focused on a few Republicans as she covered up for Biden.

“I will say that the intention was never for the weekly call—the COVID call that is led by our COVID coordinator—for the President to be leading that call,” Psaki responded. “The intention was for our COVID coordinator to be providing an update directly from the president, directly from our work across the federal government to get the pandemic under control.”

“What we’ve done in that call is provided weekly updates on the number of doses that are going out to states which have increased nearly every week. We’re talking about an average of about 28 million out of states now,” she continued. “It’s an opportunity to have an engagement, discuss where there are challenges in the system, how to operationalize better, better communicate, which was a complaint that we came in and tried to solve when we came into office.”

“So that was the intention,” Psaki added. “I can assure you that the American public governors hear quite a deal—quite a great deal from the president on his plans to get the pandemic under control. And it’s in excellent hands.”

Wegmann interjected, “To clarify: he has not joined. Does he have any plans in the future to join those calls?” “We’ve never conveyed it as a call that would be a part of his agenda, so I’m not sure there’s a big controversy here,” Psaki concluded.

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charles wilkins

Stupid is, as stupid does, as stupid says…Don’t blame the people who voted for Trump. Biden says he is suffers from the 3 C’s incompetent, incoherent, and incontinent. At this stage of the game you and Hunter should keep your China monies, retire, resign, just go away.

Proud Republican

Biden is trying to find corrupt cuomo a job so that NY disaster can avoid an excuse for resigning when the investigations go against him. As we say in NY – NO MO CUOMO.


An administration with no cause!💩💩🖕🏼🤡


Cuomo on the white house staff? Of course. they need a murderer on board with them. They have the liars, cheats, and other criminals on board. they were just missing a murderer.


“Birds of a Feather, flock together”, even VULTURES and BUZZARDS, of which both of these two IDIOTS would fit into either category!


Now I REALLY know what that old saying, Birds of a Feather Flock Together. I guess that goes for crooked corrupt politicians, too.