Biden and ‘The Fake Interview’

Biden and 'The Fake Interview'

Newsmax TV – Greg Kelly reacts to ABC News’ interview with President Biden, how it’s just ‘Democrats helping Democrats.’

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A joke. Joke Biden. He is full of it.

Trump is the best president ever in US history…

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Briben biden

The entire democrat party has turned into BS. there is nothing honest or real with any of their issues or concerns. it is all about power and money for the top 1% of the party.


Does anybody really believe George stupidnopolis?he is a [email protected]•king joke and anybody with any sense knows it

Captain Cross

Putting Joe Bidon in front of Stephenawfulous and getting anything substantive or honest is a foolish expectation. This was a train wreck and an embarrassment. Was it Joe or a clone/double or what?


Fluck thatPOS and his WHOLE admin and what they stand for! You best pray…if ANYONE in my network is harmed by one illegal…I’M COMING FOR “ALL” OF YOU!!!


Joe Biden doesn’t even know he’s President. He certainly doesn’t act like one. Instead he is an embarrassment. He’s weak. The world knows it and our enemies are watching us implode. 75 million Trump voters feeling powerless as we watch this evil clown tear down our country.