Biden Admits the Truth About What He’s Doing to Your Taxes

Biden Admits the Truth About What He's Doing to Your Taxes

The Next News Network – Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, Joe Biden offered some remarks at the White House and he is trying to justify raising taxes. Biden made some absurd claims about what that would do. Not only did he say raising taxes would be good for the economy, he also claimed it would create energy. How does that work exactly?

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He didn’t come close to winning the election. Now he wants to pay us back by screwing the economy.

Joe Biden’s brain is like my moms web browser : 19 tabs open, 7 tabs frozen and he has no idea where the music is coming from

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Bubba Love

Only illegal’s, Muslims, fools and dead people vote Democrat.

Joe Harrington

you are absolutely right about that. Hard to believe there’s that many idiots and illegal aliens here already

Gerald S Ladd

Drooling Joe the moron.. He and his coon had a terrible economy.


He told everyone! Idiots that Voted for him should have listened and they would have NEVER voted him in! Goobers!