Beverly Hills Trump Supporters Spill Out into the Streets


Now just days before the national election, Trump supporters heavily pour in the streets of Beverly Hills, California, wearing and waving the US and Trump flag.

Thousands of President Trump supporters rallied in the neighborhood, taking over the Rodeo Dr. & Dayton Way intersection in Beverly Hills.

Make America Great Again, a slogan popularized by President Trump in his 2016 campaign, bears the rally’s signages.


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According to Breitbart News, at least three Trump rallies previously ran in Beverly Hills, with one on October 3 reportedly crashed by BLM and Antifa protesters.

“Beverly Hills Trump Rally is insane today — haven’t even walked inside the Garden Park yet,” wrote another Twitter user and posted video footage covering the scene.

On Saturday, “Trump Rally — Beverly Hills,” tweeted one user with video footage and hashtags, #GaysForTrump, #BlacksForTrump, #LatinosForTrump, and #WomenForTrump.

The massive crowd was evidently diverse.

As the rally progressed, some of the supporters started dancing in the streets as entertainment while singing and inserting Donald Trump in the lyrics.

The rally-goers marched up to Rodeo Drive after gathering on Santa Monica Boulevard Beverly Hills sign. Loud chants of “USA USA USA” can be heard as they progress in the streets.

Abigail Marone, Trump Rapid Response director, also shared video footage of the rally on Twitter.

“This is happening in BEVERLY HILLS,” tweeted Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA founder, adding, “Are we really supposed to believe Biden is up 14 points?”