Ben Carson Warns Americans, ‘This is the Wrong Thing to Do’…

Ben Carson Warns Americans, 'This is the Wrong Thing to Do'...
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Fox News – Former HUD secretary discusses steps to closing the wealth gap on ‘Your World.’

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Ben has shown himself to be the “Steady Eddie” of American policy…calm, cool, logical, and full of common sense.

Dr. Carson is a brilliant surgeon and a good man. What he’s saying is the absolute truth.

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Yes, Ben is correct. Except, we need to get out of Grants, Affordable Housing and many other giveaways of Taxpayer Dollars, especially when it is Race/Minority based. Nobody said Government is supposed to provide opportunity. Only Equal shot at taking advantage of opportunity. It would better if instead of all Racist BS in our Public Schools we would Require education on the things the Doctor about staying out of poverty, Finish HS, Get Married, Get a Job and have children ONLY after Marriage. That is why makes all ships rise. This idea of “leveling the playing field” is just another CRT type of idea. Of course the Al Sharpton’s if the country are going say yes, build more free housing because the White man is Privleged. And that is BS and Racist. There is a reason the Rich are referred to as the 1%. Because only 1% of the people on earth are Rich. That is Relatively few people. So, falling for all the BS has not solved what the Sharpton types want because as soon as one issue is solved they deny it and figure out new issues. It is a Profitable Business for them, Very Profitable. So, the truth needs to be taught. And the Truth is each person is responsible for their own success in life. There will always be Poor people and there will always be Rich people.But, there may not always be Government money for Entitlements. We already don’t have it. But we are spending it anyway. That is going to catch up to us one day. Then, People will say Damn, I wish I would taken that welding class.
The BS has to stop. Government in the USA was never intended to be a Robinhood plan.

John J

America is the land of opportunity; if you are too stupid to grasp your opportunity go away


Biteme, most evil swamp creature and crook.