Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Violates Human Rights…

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Violates Human Rights...
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Newsmax TV – Harvard Professor Emeritus and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz explains why he is boycotting the ice cream chain Ben and Jerry’s over its boycott of disputed Israeli and Palestinian territory and points out the company’s own human rights record

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I’m Israeli and I have been boycotting Ben and Jerry’s from back when they were doing woke anti American propoganda.

It’s been a while since I stopped buying Ben & Jerry or Coca-Cola or Nike and many other woke companies out there.

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Ben and Jerry’s must have certifiable idiots on the board of directors. This ridiculous, oh-so-politically-correct decision is going to backfire on them even more than it already is. Do they really think withholding their mediocre ice cream from Israeli territory is going to do anything but make them look stupid? As if Italians can’t make better gelato anyway, and now a nice new market is wide open to them. And does this asinine company really think the Israelis can’t also make ice cream? Honestly, when it comes to being first class jerks, Ben and Jerry, Inc. are in first place.


I’ve banned Ben&Jerrys awhile ago!!! I banned Nestles their involved in child labor!! I banned Bed bath&beyond I banned JC Penny’s I banned Wayfair, I banned Kohl’s and Dollar General for discontinuing my pillow.