Be Aware: This is What the Democrats Snuck into the Relief Bill

Be Aware: This is What the Democrats Snuck into the Relief Bill

Newsmax TV – Political finance advocate Thomas Schatz details to Greg Kelly a particular portion of the latest relief bill, and what it really means and how it’ll go into effect in citizens’ hands and bank accounts.

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The people are suffering for the sins of the Dems

This administration makes us cringe! We miss our real president, President Trump

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Michael Skok

$1.5 billion for Amtrak is a good idea. We need to improve our passenger train service. It has been neglected (or should I say “destroyed”) for far too long.

charles wilkins

How far does the apple fall from the tree?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a trove of documents on Nancy Pelosi’s father Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr.. The files, disclosed quietly as America was fixated on the unfolding crisis in the nation’s capitol, show Pelosi’s father had deep, demonstrable ties to communists. Among the revelations was that D’Alesandro Jr., who was a member of Congress and mayor of Baltimore, was shown to have ties to communist organizations, including a Soviet front group. Investigative reporter John Solomon dug through the files and unearthed the most revealing passages on Just the News: Elsewhere, the memo cites a “confidential source, who has furnished reliable information in the past,” reporting that D’Alesandro appeared onstage at a 1943 rally for the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, which was formed in 1943 by the Coummunist Party USA as a Soviet front group, according to the FBI.The following year, the memo notes, D’Alesandro was reported as the main speaker at an event for the International Workers Order, an insurance organization placed on a list of subversive organizations by the U.S. attorney general in 1947 and later disbanded by order of the New York State Insurance Department for being too closely aligned with the Communist Party, in violation of regulations prohibiting political activity in the industry. The files also at times paint a picture of serious corruption: In the same memo, which begins on page 38 of the collection, the agent summarizes allegations that a powerful D’Alesandro took payoffs from applicants to the police force, and that he helped to hinder the investigation and prosecution of crimes


A corrupt out of control woman on a revenge path against the one President she couldn’t control. There is no law she won’t break, no scheme she won’t try to break him. Even raising an army to surround the Peoples buildings. Her dancing hands and bulging eyes show how much her hate has consumed her.


I try to be charitable but the more I read of the disaster and destructive regime voted into power by democrats the more I find myself loathing them. People I once looked on as rational have voted to put a gun to the head of every free citizen in the Republic. Our Capital building is now an armed camp. Live Free or Die has moved to front and center to save our Democracy. Where else is there to go? Our elections have been corrupted and are now meaningless. Our Federal Supreme Court no longer protects the Constitution they swore to uphold. Our political parties on both sides of the isle are riddled with thieves and opportunists, old men who have milked the system dry and now hang on to improve their pensions. Our children are being deprived of a fair education. Public schools locked down while the elite in private schools thrive. More scandals revealed every day.There are terrorists breaching our borders, almost lost among the illegal freeloaders but they were recognized by our dutiful and overworked border protection Where is one light in the descending shadows? Where are our honest leaders? Where are our heroes?. There are a few but not enough citizens care enough to protect them..