Backlash After American Airlines Allows Flight Attendants To Wear BLM Pins

American Airlines declared a shocking statement that was quite a rude awakening for a lot of Americans. Apparently, riots, protests, and vandalism were not enough. Why not dip toes in the fight against racism on air too? Their statement proved the same.

The airline authorities informed that the company would completely agree with crew members who decided to accessorize their uniform with pins that support ‘Black Lives Matter.’ The gesture will be allowed when the crew members and on-board and are on duty.

In addition to this declaration, American Airlines announced that they are busy crafting and designing a distinctive pin that addresses the cause. The pin that’s being designed should resemble a symbol that showcases the company’s diversity in culture. The company is proud to announce that diversity, race, and culture are a part of their all-inclusive working environment.

The announcement spilled by the airline company stated something in the lines of this.

“Issues of racism are soaring and are quite the talk of the country. It is imperative to come up with a common ground in an attempt to salvage the American society. Clearly, this is time to speak and debate about the surging problems of racism. Now is the time to do some good work and stand firm.

America has been pressing a great impression for centuries, all across the globe. It is one country that embraces and welcomes cultures of all kinds with the warmest heart. Our nation is committed to being a shelter for all and sundry, regardless of diverse culture or race.

This is why American Airlines decided to shore up with the commitment that the nation has long been serving. We believe in having an unbiased and diverse team on board. The airline company has partnered with the American’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

It is a private wing that supports and works to establish equality and diversity in the country’s foundation. American Airlines, alongside the Office, is chalking out plans on ways to address the overwhelming issues of racism. This is an initiative to ensure that diversity and culture are welcome with pride in our workplace.”

According to the Fox Network reports, the uniform pins are being exclusively designed by the Airline company’s network of Black professionals.

The Airline authorities commented that it is a powerful initiative to show our support to our colleagues of color. If the ‘Blacks’ are putting up with unfairness and discrimination anywhere, particularly in the workplace, it must be ruled out. At least American Airlines is putting in efforts to rule out unjustness.

During the ongoing protests in June, American Airlines came into the headlines because of their announcement. It clearly spoke of encouraging demonstrations in favor of justice and reform. The press release revealed that the company kept highlighting a pressing need for a systemic change right away, certainly because ‘Black Lives Matter.’

After making a statement on Sunday, American Airlines received severe backlash from some of their flight attendants. The New York Post was the first to publish about the retaliation.

One of the flight attendants wrote an email to the airline management, stating that the approach initiated by the company is pretty offensive. She said that her husband is a Law Enforcement Officer, and so was her now-deceased father. If there’s a cause to stand up for, considering the country’s anarchy, American Airlines should consider designing badges or pins that symbolize ‘All Lives Matter.’

She was not the only company professional disapproving of the company’s statement. Another flight attendant, named John brought a serious issue into the limelight. ‘So, what happens if I refuse to accessorize my uniform with a pin that symbolizes BLM? Will I be the next target and labeled as a racist?’

He further added that how different is BLM rioters from terrorists? They encourage violence, vandalizing properties, taking lives, and causing a stir in the country, only to nudge their agenda.

“Is the pin being given out to everyone working in American Airlines? Well, it should matter much if I chose to adorn my uniform with an NYPD. After all, I am completely bolstering up for the police authorities,” the flight attendant commented.

Giving the cold shoulder to a few of the workforce’s concerns, American Airlines continued to speak how they have dedicated the job of designing the pins to their exclusive resource group. There are Christians, LGBTQ, and veterans in the resource group. Anyone can wear their chosen pin to support a cause as a part of their uniform when on duty.