Are Your Prepared to Rent Your Home from the Government?

Are Your Prepared to Rent Your Home from the Government?

The great real estate reset is coming, and if the Democrats get what they want, no one will be able to own a home.

The COVID-19 pandemic might be a nightmare to most, but it seems like it’s a gift to the left. Not only are they using the pandemic to reset the economy, but they’re also planning to turn homeowners into renters.

Blaze TV reports that the Green New Deal includes provisions forcing homeowners to make costly environmental upgrades on their homes. If you want to get a house built, you will have to face costly regulations if you can’t afford the upgrades.

And what happens if you can’t afford the upgrades—if you can’t afford to keep living in your home?

The government will make sure you’re not evicted, but you will no longer own your home. How? Well, in that scenario, the government will become your landlord.

The Constitution does not contain even a single line that grants the federal government the power to get involved in housing. But in 2015, the Obama administration issued the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, otherwise known as AFFH.

According to the Connecticut Fair Housing Center, “The obligation to AFFH does not extend solely to the specifically funded project, but rather to all housing and housing-related endeavors in the grantees’ jurisdiction regardless of whether such activities are privately or publicly funded.”

Because of the pandemic, millions of people are at risk of foreclosure, and it’s the perfect opportunity for the government to become the nation’s landlord.

Andrew Wilkow of Blaze TV said, “What you see here is a shift from people acquiring property in the form of homes and cars—and the like—to pay the government for the use of a housing unit and the use of transport. Meaning the people(citizens) will pay for the use, but in the end… the government will own everything.”

Are you prepared to rent your home to the government? Because if the left gets what they want, that’s exactly what will happen.

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Gerald S Ladd

I’ve got news for you. You never own your property. Think I’m kidding? Don’t pay your property tax for a couple years, and see how long you stay there!


In other words you don’t own the money you earn on your paycheck? I pay taxes on my property. It’s paid for. I pay taxes on it same as I pay taxes on anything else. Anyone who tries to take it away from me is going to run into one hell of a problem. I might not win but they’ll know they’ve been in a fight.


“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government (democrats): so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” Thomas Jefferson!


Malcolm X,“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man”.

Stacy Dougherty

But Malcolm X was shot by his own people of color and if alive today he would see that its the reversed.


The black man is his own worst enemy. In the ’50s he wanted EQUALITY and rightfully so. When given EQUALITY he wanted MORE. I have no problem with a person of ANY color showing up on time and doing good work. The problem is, so many black men simply don’t want to do that. I’ve known of some who apply for work on Monday and don’t show up until Friday (payday) to pick up their check. I’ve also known some who actually start at the bottom, work their way up and actually turn out to be good hands. So, joeupyourscs, get a life and try doing the right thing for a change. And when I see a black man willing to ask questions, work like the rest of us and improve himseslf, I’m colorblind.


Welcome to socialism. Communism would be a better word. I sincerely hope the fools who voted for our dictator, Joe Biden, are happy with what they’ve done to help destroy our once free nation. I’m an old man and don’t have too many years left but the younger people who voted for a communist will no doubt have to deal with that way of life for many years to come.

Lorraine E Blazich

The vile lying corporate press is still repeating their LIES about the Jan. 6 invasion of the capitol but now they are no longer labeling the people as patriots but rather “white supremacists” because that will expand their slander to include everyone with white skin. The corporate media is an Enemy of the American people and are doing everything in their evil power to start a race war. The fact is that on Jan. 6 the D.C. police allowed antifa and BLM to move into the group of patriots and they are the people who broke into the capitol. The entire event was planned by the democrats three weeks before it occurred. But you will never hear this from the lying media.


Time for Military to Step in and take control


Though I agree that the military should be involved I’m really nervous about it at this time. Biden is, as you obviously know, Commander in Chief. If Trump was President, I’d say, “Go for it!” But Biden? That guy fancies himself as a dictator and we’d really be in for a lot of trouble with the military involvws. By that, I mean Biden gives the orders and I think you might know what rolls down hill. The military would do as told and that wouldn’t be good.