AOC’s Caused A Big Problem For Democrats

AOC's Caused A Big Problem For Democrats
Image Screenshot From Fox News YouTube Video Below.

The scaled-down virtual Democratic Convention has not even featured the prominent speakers yet but has gotten derailed very recently.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just pulled the stunner when this hyper twitter-active politician nominated Bernie Sanders in her video speech at the Democratic Convention. No one could have ever expected such stunt coming all of a sudden.

It definitely came as an off-script for everyone. AOC went off-track by not promoting the presidential nominee, Joe Biden; instead, she pulled off the curtain and revealed the Democrat’s internal war between DNC establishment and her young socialist band nominating Bernie Sanders, a perfect climax of the show.

Those who firmly believe that limiting AOC by giving her a short slot would prevent her from saying something problematic or controversial has already severely lost the bet.

The Democratic Convention often resembles China and North Korea in terms of creepy uniformity. It was AOC who spoilt the entire party of Democrats.

Yahoo News has covered the event as: “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nominates Bernie Sanders at DNC.”

Rep. Cortez vouched on her fellow progressive Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont, as the Democratic party’s presidential nominee during the 2020 National Convention. However, the entire objective of the National Convention centers in promoting the party’s only presidential nominee, Joe Biden, for the upcoming election.

AOC’s nomination is largely procedural since convention rules allow the call for nominations for each candidate who has passed the primary threshold. Bernie Sanders is quite eligible as a nominee as he netted enough delegates during the Democrat’s Primary to qualify.

AOC said that when millions of Americans eagerly look for systemic solutions of ongoing mass eviction crises, unemployment, lack of health care, and universal love for all people, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the best choice as President of United States of America.

It seems like AOC is not a good team player.

AOC’s big surprise has just come at the worst time for the Democratic party that has no concrete plan that appeals to Americans other than “Orange man bad” and “White people suck,” which would only please the base but are really dangerous for the states.

Having no strong message for the Americans and a weak person like Joe Biden as a nominee, Democrats need every vote they can get.

No matter how many false theories that they have tried to spread about USPS, they still need a strong turnout and heavy boots on the ground to defeat Donald Trump this November’s presidential election.

AOC may have just poured a bucket of hot water on the ice-cream carefully made by the Democrats in her 90 seconds speech. She has totally blown up the unity that DNC has carefully worked to promote Joe Biden after screwing up Comrade Bernie Sanders for the second time.

When it was announced that AOC would only be given 60 seconds to speak despite the media treating her like a superstar for almost two years, AOC clearly went out of anger and frustration, which resulted in bashing the so-called unity of Democrats.

The entirely Democrat-controlled media houses have already started their damage controls where Ocasio-Cortez is playing the victim role.

One thing very prominent is how the Democratic party’s putting down the primaries has never sat well with the communist cult of Bernie Sanders, and AOC’s latest speech is a screaming proof.