AOC makes shocking confession about Biden support…

AOC makes shocking confession about Biden support...
Image from video below....

Newsmax TV – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned of a “collapse of support among young people” for President Joe Biden. Chrissy Clark and Alison Maloni reacted on Tuesday’s “Wake Up America.”

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A record amount of people voted for Biden? No….a record number of ballots were manufactured for Biden, and a record number of votes were transferred FROM Trump TO Biden via Dominion voting machines. There is a difference.

If you count the voters that fought in the civil war, you might get close to 81 million. If you then add the suitcases under the desks, ballot harvesting, shutting down numerous polling stations and suspending counts, and the stacked algorithms? You might get even closer.

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Jo Lilley

I would love to know who AOC slept with, or who she is related to, that got her into Congress. Everyone knows that’s how the Democrats get their posts… either through nepotism, or getting down on their knees.