AOC Has Twitter Meltdown Over Lauren Boebert’s New Christmas Photo…

AOC Has Twitter Meltdown Over Lauren Boebert’s New Christmas Photo...
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– Madeline Leesman from Townhall reports, On Wednesday, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) criticized Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO) after she posted a photo of her children holding guns in front of a Christmas tree.

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She is the last person to talk about Christmas, peace, or anything American.

I think its great that she is teaching her kids the importance of self protection, respectful gun handling, and the joy of Christmas. Good for her! I was raised around guns and think the experience has been positive overall.


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I can’t imagine anyone being against children having, and knowing about guns. Anything can be made to kill you, even a plow, lawnmower blade, so many things if you have the mind to kill. Taught children, as I was taught, hunting all my life with guns and sure brought in good eating.
Sure there are those that misuse guns but so does those that misuse automobiles too. Actually they harm and kill far more than guns do. Should we outlaw them?
Humans are the most dangerous thing on earth if killing is needed and that sure is obvious in our commercial meat plants for the stores to sell to those against killing.
Where in the world to those against guns or anything else think their meat comes from or even vegetables, clothes, that all involve killing something to obtain.

Jo Lilley

But liberals don’t believe in Christ, or Christmas, so why should they care?


Poor little Alexandria, so afraid the big bad Airsoft gun ( Shoots plastic BB’s ) is gonna come through the internet, out of a picture and shoot her , God what a Drama Queen

Joe Smuckatelli

Who cares what an ignorant kid bartender says?