AOC Changes Her Tune on the Border: Look What She’s Saying Now…

AOC Changes Her Tune on the Border: Look What She's Saying Now...

The Next News Network – Rusty Weiss from The Political Insider reports, Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) took a stance against “horrifying” conditions at the border under Joe Biden and demanded families separated under the previous administration be given “reparations.”

Top Comments:

Instead of reparations, the parents of these children should be charged with child abuse!

Yet she heartily approves of babies being ripped out of their mothers womb.

Its not both parties that failed AOC, it’s the democrats and quid pro Joe.

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charles wilkins

Biden’s {b12} shots are not working any more, he lacks any physical to continue, along with his confused mental state it’s really bad, caused too many unnecessary bad decisions to be made. Time to go. Stop his tax increases, stop tax spending, stops the Biden economic disaster plans, crazy partisan tax and spend democrat, liberal, socialist idealism plans will hurt our countries effort to reduce debt. We have an old man, with old ideas, that thinks he can change our country’s principals, based on his corruption, paid for by the Chinese communist government. Support a criminal investigation into the Biden family corruption. Close to 300,000 thousand, have already signed this petition. Hunter Biden still has strong ties to communist Chinese companies which represents a conflict of interest for our Country, sign the Judicial Watch Petition today and help save our Country before it’s to late. Stop Biden policy before it’s to late, we are about to set the middle east on fire again, Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran. Before you jump into defensive mode, where is the White House Doctor’s report he is mentally fit to serve?


Biden is not in charge. What we need to find out is who are the Marxists behind the curtain manipulating his strings. As long as Biden is out there running interference the guilty go unexposed and without knowing who they are we will accomplish no progress in rescuing the Republic. First deport Soros to his home country. They don’t want him either but his money and his evil global ambition are destroying our country. His dual citizenship withe America should be revoked. It was obtained under false pretenses. At no time has he ever respected the constitution, which is one of the declarations to obtain citizenship. I am was an immigrant and I took that oath seriously and I stand by it. The evil Hungarian has to go!


I don’t think it is a real secret about who is in charge of the Biden presidency. Start with Obama, & Soros and the Communist party.


No reparations for someone who has not gone through the process of entering our country legally.

Patricia Couey

Why does anyone pay attention to this lame brained trouble maker?
The fact that she has ANY SAY AT ALL showes just how much money Soros has paid the dirty Democrats.
She is the opposite of what our country needs. Where are the common sense people.


AssOfCow who cares what it thinks or says!💩💩💩🤡

John J

This creepy bartender should be back cleaning the toilets at the bar