Antifa Was About To Be Crushed, Cops Saved Them

Thankfully The Cops Were There To Save Antifa At Sturgis
Image Screenshot From Devise Travels YouTube Video Below.

A group of Antifa thought it would be a good idea to come out of their comfort zone and attend the 80th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. But the real situation proved otherwise.

They expected a friendlier welcome than what they received from the bikers. The fact is that these bikers are not the typical pampering-people like Democrats who always indulged Antifa. The members realized this instantly.

A small group of Antifa made a formation in the middle of the street during the famous bikers’ rally in Sturgis.

The Antifa, who always wanted to defund and eliminate the police department through chaos, had the police officers surrounding them to remain protected from the biker’s group, which obviously ignored the anarchists.

As they stood in the middle of the street with police protection, one of the Antifa members thought it would be an interesting idea to kick one of the rally’s motorcycles.

It should be common sense that kicking any real biker group’s motorcycle is never a good idea in any situation. Still, then again, the Antifa seem to just do things their way without consideration.

As an obvious result, a big fight ensued when the motorcycle got kicked by an Antifa member. Several police officers had to surge into the scene and to save the thickhead Antifa member from the biker group.

The police officers gave their best effort to save each of the frightened members of the Antifa group from being beaten terribly by the bikers.

Sturgis Police Chief Geody Vandewater told the Associated Press that the situation was indeed very chaotic, but officers finally brought the group to a safe zone.

The group was protesting not only for their typical Antifa-style agenda but also because Republican Governor Kristi Noem has rejected the plea of shutting down the state. The primary objective of the governor is to keep the economy functioning by following an approach of commonsense.

A similar incident of Antifa causing a ruckus in the middle of a rally or protest has happened before. Fort Collins is another example of where they appeared unwantedly. It was a pro-police rally, and again no one can say what type of welcome treatment they were expecting from the situation.

Several pro-police protesters march alongside the veteran in a wheelchair holding the national flag in hand. The pro-police rally forced the far-left activists out of their neighborhood, yet the Antifa members tried to attack the old veteran sitting in the wheelchair, causing a fight to break out.

It seems Antifa members do not have a concrete plan of action. Members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, for unknown reasons, thought it was a good idea to attack a disabled veteran.

As the Antifa members were pushed out of the neighborhood, the fight ended up in a ditch. It was quite unfortunate for the Antifa that the pro-police protesters badly outnumbered them on that particular day.

According to a pro-police protester, nobody welcomes the Antifa in the neighborhood, so the residents actively pushed them out.

The residents called the Antifa group “communist scums.”