Antifa Man Arrested For The Killing – Not Charged By DA

Portland Police are busy questioning an Oregon man. According to the reports, the 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl was identified by an Oregonian family. Allegations against the man are pretty severe as he was seen carrying a fully-loaded gun during a protest.

Michael is accused of participating in a fatal shooting incident at a political rally that took place at the weekend. The hostilities between pro-Trump supporters and BLM protesters in Portland are not unknown to anyone. As identified by Joey Gibson, the founder of Patriot Prayer, the encounter caused Jay Danielson to be murdered on the streets. A bullet pinned him down. Severe accusations of Michael playing a significant role in the killing of Jay was recorded.

Michael Reinoehl is seized and accused of killing Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson. Videos and still images on the incident currently circulate. The man who pulled the trigger was wearing a unique vest and a white shirt clouded with mesh detailing, like some sort of web. However, what stood out in every video and photo of the incident was a tattoo inscribed on the man’s neck.

Online sleuths couldn’t hold their interest and got to work. The possible identity, first revealed by the internet investigators, was launched on ‘4Chan.’ It also spilled the beans on the presence of Antifa members in and around the areas of Portland.


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The identity is unconfirmed. Even then, an anonymous caller rang up Sandy, Michael’s sister, in Oregon, where Michael was brought up. The call was out of the blue but pretty threatening. The caller intimidated the family and threatened to impose danger if Michael did not turn himself in.

His sister was shaken and afraid and immediately called the Portland Police Department to report it. She went on to say that the man pulling the trigger in the videos and images was none other than her brother Michael.

Forty-eight-years old Michael Reinoehl is mostly active on social media platforms. He blatantly relates himself as an Antifa and doesn’t shy away from it. On scrolling through his social media account, it has been found that he marked his attendance in pretty much every night-time riots, across different locations in Portland. If reports are to be believed, Michael has various addresses. The recent ones though, are in areas like Clackamas and Gresham.

The real event of the shoot has been misconstrued and mischaracterized by the media. Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, also accused the pro-Trump rally members responsible for Danielson’s shooting. Well, of course, the picture was totally different from what was revealed.

A caravan of cars, supporting President Trump, had evacuated from downtown Portland, quite early, before the whole shooting incident happened. Everything went back to normal.

Aaron walked back home without a company. He was reckoned as a ‘Patriot Prayer’ because of the symbol crested on his hat. A man in a white shirt paired with a protective vest appeared out of nowhere. He pulled the trigger and shot Aaron. The worst part – a voice is clearly picked up from the video cheering ‘Here goes down a Trumper.’

Reinoehl was taken into custody by the Portland Police on July 5th, from an area in the downtown flooded by Antifa activists. All members of Antifa were actively participating in the protests for over three months. When Michael was arrested, he was found bearing a gun. Charges against him included possession of an illegal firearm, rebelling with the police, and resisting his arrest.

However, no charges were filed by Michael Schmidt, the District Attorney, as the case was ruled out against the entry of ‘No Complaint.’ Schmidt is the same man who publicly declared that he would plausibly decline cases where the crime reported does not involve deliberate damage to property, violence, or theft.

It is sad to watch that criminals who don’t think once before taking lives are being spared. Meanwhile, innocent men like Danielson fall victim to such horror.