Antifa Hit-Man Stalked Pro-Trump Victim Before Murder

Antifa Hit-Man Stalked Pro-Trump Victim Before Murder
Image From Tara LaRosa Twitter Post Below.

A photo and video have recently surfaced on social media. It is one of the most shocking pictures, related to the murder of a pro-Trump supporter.

In the words of the Portland Police authorities, the video was captured just a few moments before the man was assassinated and shot. The security officer, also an Antifa activist, was accused of killing the man who was a firm supporter of President Trump and his administration.

The 48-year-old cold-hearted murderer, Michael Reinoehl, was shot by officers of the federal law enforcement. The incident took place late Thursday. This was five days after Aaron Danielson, a Trump supporter, was shot and killed.

Tracking Reinoehl was not easy, commented the Federal Law Enforcement Department. He was tailed and found prepping to stir problems in another protest rally. Michael was hiding in Lacey, Washington.

The idea was to arrest Michael and put the 48-year-old behind bars. Of course, he resisted. Reinoehl pointed his loaded weapon towards one of the officers. There was hardly any room to think of other alternatives. In self-defense, Michael was shot by the officer.

The charges were finally revealed by the Portland Police. According to the documents, Michael Reinoehl would have been pressed with charges of second-degree assassination and illegal possession of a fire weapon.

There was a convoy of cars in movement cheering for President Trump in Portland. Soon after the convoy exited from Downtown Portland, Aaron Danielson, also known as Jay, was shot point-blank and murdered mercilessly. He was walking down the street with Chandler Pappas.

Chandler did not shy away from stating that his beloved friend Jay was executed and killed on the spot. The videos and pictures, recorded moments before, came into the limelight only recently.

Wondering if the pictures added a different angle to the murder? Indeed it did. The videos clearly proved that Reinoehl, the hit-man, was hiding in the nook of a garage waiting for Danielson to show up.

As soon as Aaron and his friend Chandler came walking down Third Avenue heading towards the South, Michael was seen trying to grab something on his waistband.

Rico Beniga, a homicide detective, stated that Reinoehl chose a hiding place, stuck there for a while with his eyes hooked on Danielson, and waited for him to pass by.

When Danielson and Pappas passed by him, Michael started tailing them. What must be noted here, is that both Aaron and Chandler were wearing hats of the Patriot Prayer. This accessory symbolizes their support towards the right-wing.

Reinoehl kept following these two men across the street on the west. Just a few moments later, he bumped into Danielson, looked him in the eye, and shot him point-blank. Multiple gunshots were heard.

The pictures prove that Michael was face-to-face with Danielson. He is seen with his arms extended, and his finger curled on the trigger of his fully loaded gun. Reinoehl did not shudder even for a second. It appeared as though pulling the trigger is nothing new for the murderer. After firing the shots, Reinoehl still had his right hand extended. Unfortunately, Aaron Danielson was already pinned and bleeding on the ground by then. While the police were approaching the site, Reinoehl turned away and ran off.

The video and pictures of the tragic incident were revealed by Justin Dunlap. This man is a lighting technician at the Concert Hall of Arlene Schnitzer. The Oregon resident said that he was filming the rallies and protests for a noble cause.

The video that Dunlop live-streamed makes it crystal clear that he was following the killer inconspicuously. It is surprising to see that Justin was pretty much stable and calm when the shooting happened. However, he was certainly perplexed when Danielson tried spraying something noxious, in defense against the killer Reinoehl. After uploading the live stream, Dunlop mentioned that he was left dumbfounded by the events that happened.

According to the reports unveiled by the police, Reinoehl had a gun on his waistband. A can of some kind of spray was spotted right beside Aaron’s body. The casing of a shell was also spotted. Post investigation, it was found that the gun used to assassinate Danielson was a perfect match for the ammo dug up by the police officials in Michael’s apartment. However, the gun was still missing.

When Reinoehl was pinned and shot at Lacey, he had a handgun directed right towards a law enforcement officer.