Antifa Commander Caught With Flamethrower

Antifa Commander Caught With Flamethrower
Image Screenshot From Andy Ngô Twitter Post Below.

“Commander Red”, an Antifa Leader, was pinned down and taken into custody by the cops. He was on his way to participate in the BLM rally in Wisconsin.

23-year-old Matthew Banta, the so-called “Commander Red”, is infamous for his aggressive nature. He is known for instigating violence and causing havoc, even when there is a peaceful protest happening. The Antifa leader was caught red-handed carrying a flame thrower.

He not only had a flame thrower, but Matthew also carried numerous smoke grenades, firework rockets, and other dangerous items. The flame thrower in his possession was a Military Grade, 5-minute flame thrower. He also had stickers and flags for an anti-fascist group.

This is not the first gig for Matthew. The 23-year-old Antifa leader has been taken into custody before, for a criminal complaint filed in Green Bay.

The man was on his way with a bunch of white people to participate in the protest rally. However, his intention was clearly not just about marching his way alongside hundreds of other protesters. Banta and his company had baseball bats, helmets, grenades, a flame thrower, and many other items. Of course, they were planning to instigate violence in the BLM protest march in Green Bay.

These men were busted when a squad car full of cops blocked their way. He was pinned down into a fetal position. What’s surprising to find is that the man who is known for infamous violence acts started crying like a baby. Did Banta think that he could get away with vandalism and his other crimes without being caught by the police?

Andrew Smith, Chief Of Green Bay Police, gave a statement. “Now that Antifa members are spotted in Green Bay, there is much to worry about. These men don’t settle for anything less than destruction, acts of violence, and anarchy,” said Smith.

Matthew has been arrested before. If you are wondering how he got out, he was let out on bail for a $10,000 cash bond. In a protest rally hosted in August, Banta kicked and tried to bite an officer on duty. But that’s not all — the worst part is that he pointed a fully-loaded gun at a police officer and could have pulled the trigger.

The bond that was sanctioned at the office of the district attorney in Brown County clearly states that Banta cannot get his hands on any dangerous weapon. A few days later, the man is caught carrying firearms, rockets, grenades, and whatnot.

Commander Red, aka Matthew, is not a resident of Green Bay. He is originally from Neenah, around 40 miles south of Green Bay. The first time the man was threatened and arrested, he got away on bail. This time, he is arrested on accounts of blocking police officers on duty. He got out on a felony bail and a $2500 bond.

A BLM protest was in full swing on Saturday in Green Bay. Of course, the protest turned into a riot and it was all about violence and vandalism. He was one of the 15 people arrested in the city. They were caught provoking anarchy and lawlessness in Green Bay.

Buildings were torched down. People were smashed and injured. There were shots fired, multiple violent brawls, and robberies. Everything was just disastrous.

“Is that really anything similar to a protest?” questioned Officer Smith. “There is zero-tolerance for any acts of vandalism. It is criminal behavior and there’s no way the rioters can get off the hook,” commented Andrew in an interview with Fox11.

President Trump has previously mentioned that Antifa members are sprawling into various cities, deliberately trying to stimulate anarchy across the nation. The agitators, presumably from the left-wing, come out of nowhere and stir up violence and cause vandalism in cities and states. The Antifa people are entirely responsible for causing civil unrest and complete anarchy.

According to the sources, Banta admitted that he was all set to take part in the BLM protest, but he had no intention to whip up trouble or incite violence.