Another American City Begins To Fall

The viral footage of an unarmed black man (George Floyd) that was a victim of police brutality from a Minnesota police officer (Derek Chauvin) triggered a violent leftist revolt that may result in another ruined city. 

The Left has been using the sickening death of George Floyd as an alibi for the militant coercion of angry mobs to plunder businesses.

The Left appears to be rejecting democracy, which instead developed a mob rule in Seattle where City Hall has been ravaged and engrossed by the lawless ANTIFA area that is undoubtedly portraying a bleak perception for the future. At least only in blue cities. 

Mayor Jenny Durkan was pressured by B.L.M. (Black Lives Matter) protesters after they wrecked-havoc to a government building— forcing her effective resignation. Even though Mayor Jenny Durkan was the first lesbian who came out of the closet, but has now fallen out of favor for her unwillingness to demobilize the police. 

The militant protestors were granted access to the building— through a socialist council member that has triumphantly penetrated the government. 

According to the Seattle Times : 

“Hundreds of people came together on Capitol Hill Tuesday night to protest police killings of Black people, gathering by Seattle Police Department’s newly boarded-up, vacated East Precinct and nearby at Cal Anderson Park. This time, there were no officers in sight.”

“I’m glad,” according to Rodney Maine, who was in a tank top that unveiled a two-day-old B.L.M. (Black Lives Matter) tattoo and claimed that his children frequently deal with racism at school. “It’s the best thing for society … They’re not helping.”

The precinct was adorned with banners, and the surrounding area had the looks of an encampment.

Protesters also swarmed into City Hall after rampaging down from Capitol Hill, screaming, “Mayor Jenny Durkan has to go.”

Police weren’t visible and, as in many liberal bastions, have been completely neutered by politicians while anarchy is breaking out. 

Meanwhile, in a more alarming turn of events, ANTIFA had occupied numerous city blocks, and precincts, where the ANTIFA had established a lawless area, is that being governed by terrorists.  

That militants have been able to set up their zone within the city with no opposition by police or local officials, and to occupy city hall is only going to encourage the revolutionaries who will force their idealism in other cities. 

Communist icon Vladimir I. Lenin whose statue is visible in the Emerald City would undoubtedly be satisfied with the uprising of the American Bolsheviks. 

With Minneapolis already on the brink of demobilizing the police while the radical Lefts are in control— with their gruesome agendas, Seattle may soon fall from the violent insurrection. 

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