Angry Biden Slams His Fists Down on the Podium Like an Angry Tyrant…

Watch Angry Biden Slams His Fists Down on the Podium Like an Angry Tyrant...
Image from video below...

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– Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks at a bill signing ceremony for the Asian Hate Crimes bill. During the presser, Kamala stood behind Joe playing bodyguard.

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The only HATE I see is coming from the Government and the Media!

Common anger related to dementia. He is not fit for his faux presidency.

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Kenneth Bailey

Can’t trust China Joe

Stacy Dougherty

Most People with dementia get angrier as time goes on. The brain no longer has a filter to control themselves. I know this cause working in the medical field I had to work on people with dementia and they have grabbed me and spit at me in anger. Its a sad thing to watch. Where is Jill Biden? Where is the WH doctors? Who cares about Joe Biden? Certainly not the democratic party!


Elder Abuse..Jill should be ASHAMED.

Hank Bradley

Don’t count me among those who feel sorry for Joe Biden or care that his dementia is getting worse. He’s not in charge anyway so what does it matter. I will celebrate when he lies in state! I don’t give a damn!


What an embarrassment this phony puppet is, he is the laughing stock of the world. the blithering senile,frail,old,fool, is mentally inpaired, and needs to be impeached, for total incompetence, and failing to protect our borders and national security of our country.He needs to booted out of office, immediately, he can’t even funtion for a couple of minutes, with a causing a train wreck. What a joker and clown.


Why isn’t something being done to remove him from office? Can’t the White House doctors insist on haven’t him elevated?

pj Jonas

Savannah, you’re absolutely wrong in your reporting of this biden speech. If you think this is a speech by an angry tyrant, you’re in the wrong business. It’s this type of “spin” that causes hate in our society and if as an Hispanic American you can honestly say he wasn’t correct in his remarks, you should get out of the business of “informing the public.” Truth matters, and its in the nuances it really counts. pj

Grumpy Veteran

pj, this was the speech of a senile old fool who is (whether you can accept it or not, since fools cannot accept reality as it is) who is mentally unfit to hold any office!!

Bobby Stephens

except a prison office.. he is more than qualified for that


Just another political move for “China” Joe..wait what about the hate crimes against Jews in this country as far as I can see there have been far more of those then against Asians lately, oh that’s right they don’t fit into the Democrats narrative since they are more anti Semitic. It’s all for show with these guys just don’t fall for it!!!

Old Salt

This kind of condescension is typical for the massive ego and narcissism of this self indulgent Marxist. He’s scolding somebody and you can’t help but think, it’s not the constitutional, Christian conservatives who love God and country. So, to whom is this self righteous a$$ talking? He really thinks he’s the scolding daddy and those in disagreement with him should all stand in the corner and think about their shame…then maybe he’ll let them go out and play. Instead, I think we’re all going to enjoy watching his arrogance be dismantled by his own actions and we’ll see this doddering old fool stumble off, muttering to himself about his greatness.

remy mak

Savsays… what a pathetic, sleazy little hypocrite you are. Shame on you