Anarcho Tyranny Happening Inn America Right Now!

Anarcho Tyranny Happening Inn America Right Now!

Newsmax TV
– “Looters cheering, flames erupting’: Michelle Malkin says “the arrival of April now ushers in yet another cycle of destructive urban riots reigning down across the nation.”

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Thanks Newsmax for calling a riot a riot.

I’m mexican and even here we know Donald Trump won the election of 2020 based on My investigation and studies.

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charles wilkins

Time for the corrupt Democrat’s and the corrupt Biden’s to go: Biden Admin Spent $86.9 Million for Housing Migrants this is not the Biden’s administrations money. it’s the American tax payors money, congress has not authorized this expenditure, If the “big guy” is so flush dig into some of that 200 million Hunter received from China. Treason, not in your vocabulary?, How about abuse of power,? How about conflict of interest? It’s like the Bill Clinton complaints, the Biden complaints seem not to have any adverse reactions. this perverse attitude reflects also with his son Hunter. Pillars of moral leadership not really. Write political prose rants to challenge leftist paid bloggers like yourself, are you being paid to be on conservative sites.