An Examination of Chauvin’s Body Language During the Verdict

An Examination of Chauvin's Body Language During the Verdict

Tonya Reiman, a body language expert, analyzed Derek Chauvin’s movements and facial expressions during his trial. Last week, she spoke to Newsmax TV’s Joe Pinion about the results of her examination.

“It was interesting to watch how his facial expressions started. When you’re watching him, you can see these two lines, glabella, that means concern. He obviously knows what’s going to happen,” Tonya said. “But because we can’t see the bottom half of his face, there’s always a question of what he’s actually experiencing. However, if you’re watching—his eyes move side to side. They’re darting all around. And that shows severe anxiety.”

Tonya repeated that Chauvin’s actions demonstrated severe anxiety. Throughout the video, he also showed signs of acceptance and lack of concern. He was seen to be writing on his notes while receiving his verdict. It was difficult to really understand what he was feeling and experiencing because half of his face was covered by a mask, following the COVID-19 protocols.

“We were always able to look into his eyes. What we weren’t able to do is see what his facial expressions were down below. Quite often, that’s a significant tell. Your eyes might say one thing, while your face—your lower half is being a completely different conversation.” Tonya stated. “Yet at the same time, when you’re looking at the eyes, what you’re looking for is either pupil dilation or constriction based on the lighting. You’re looking for the eyebrows to raise. You’re looking for some sense of concern here. If you look right here again, you see the concern.”

Tonya continued, “Throughout the trial, again, on his left side, you saw his eyebrow would raise. And when you see somebody’s eyebrows raise, especially one—that indicates skepticism; as if they don’t truly believe what they’re hearing, as if it’s a shock to them or they disagree with what they’re hearing. Yet at the end, it was kind of a disconnect because then suddenly he put his arms right behind his back as if he was expecting it.” 

“So maybe he didn’t agree with what was being said, but he accepted the verdict and potentially knew it was coming,” she concluded. 

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Sniper Fire

His actions during the trial pales in comparison to his actions while suffocating George Floyd


He already knew what was coming for him, because, it was a black criminal against a white police, simply doing what he was trained to do. Unless you have done your proper research, you really don’t know the criminal life of Floyd. His victims of his past criminal behavior are the ones who will suffer a life time. He, along with 4 other black criminal thugs, broke into a young white ladies home who was 8 months pregnant, held a gun to her stomach & asked her if she wanted him to kill her baby. The autopsies already have proven & the expert doctor have already proven that he died because of his criminal lifestyle of drugs. Yet, foolish idiots think he deserved gold casket, gold horse drawn carriage, a funeral of more than a million dollars & his family got $27,000,000. We didn’t see any of that money go to HIS victims & no one had any juries convicting him of his horrific crimes against innocent people. If there was proof that the officer killed him, no, I don’t believe anyone should be killed. The validation of criminals is now the leading trend today. Sentence police to hell for doing their jobs & give the criminals $27,000,00 & all gold funerals. Something is desperately wrong in America.

Joe Biden

I totally agree with you he was made out to be some sort of hero well if that’s someone’s definition of a hero God help us all! To watch the video was very hard & I do not condone his death. I still do not understand why the full video was not shown in the courtroom because it clearly shows Mr. Floyd was not cooperating with the police and it showed how high & totally out of it he was due to being on Meth & Fentanyl. I want to know what good did he ever do for his community other than deal drugs to them and rob them, he was a 2 bit career criminal who preyed on members of his community. We should never forget his heinous act of putting a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach while her younger child was there is beyond comprehension. Yet no mention of those despicable acts he committed! My question is is George Floyd really any better than Derek Chauvin?

Stacy Dougherty

right is wrong and wrong is right! They have all flipped their lids!