American Olympic Athlete Protests US National Anthem…

American Olympic Athlete Protests US National Anthem...
Image from video below...

Ben Shapiro – Hammer thrower Gwen Berry goes viral for placing third at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials and turning away from the American flag as the National Anthem played. Shapiro weighs in.

Top Comments:

Why is she even representing America in the Olympics if she doesn’t like America?!!!

If you hate the United States, don’t represent us. Sincerely, – Real Americans

They complain about how “intolerant” America is while ignoring the fact that ONLY America would tolerate our Olympic athletes disrespecting our country…Tropes

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John Skelton

This “athlete” is a disgrace. She should be removed from the team for her behavior. If she hates the Anthem that much, how will she act if by some miracle she won gold and would be REQUIRED to stand and face the Flag while the Anthem is played. She has shown that she refuses to do this, and should be dismissed from the team to avoid any embarrassing acts on her part.

Teresa Galipeau

Absolutely she’s not an American throw her out that’s what we do with garbage


The headline should say EX Olympic athlete!

Leonard Collings

No one gives a ratsass about her.


Is she even a woman? She was definitely made up for a photo op!


I would rather have America not place in an event than to have someone like her disgrace our country. If you hate America get out!!! She is a total embarrassment and is using this to get rich and famous in the only country that would allow it. Try a stunt like that in Russia or China. I feel bad for her teammates that really do care about America. She’s disgusting