All Alarms Sounding on the Crazy Plan Biden Has for Taxpayers…

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– Martin Walsh from Trending Politics reports, A top economist is warning that “every American” will end up paying in a “big way” for Joe Biden’s radical policies.

Top Comments:

We didn’t actually have an election. There was a hostile takeover.

We tried to tell these chumps for the past year what would happen if Joe Biden stolen the election. Everybody knows that he did not win the election!

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Anyone with even a part of a completely burned brain cell knew electing Pedo Joe and the Ho was a DISASTER IN THE MAKING for America and Americans. Anyone with that much Brain also knows that there is no way but through FRAUD that Pedo Joe and the Ho won.


We have dumb and dumber running the country.And u all voted for this disaster, instead of a sane DJT, who helped this country tremendously, hidenbiden stole the election, but not for long. Payback will be hell.