Arrested For Staying In Business, Rewarded For Burning Them Down

Agenda That Punishes Hard Workers And Rewards Laziness
Image Screenshot From Fox News Youtube Video Below.

Arresting innocent small business owners while allowing all the violent protests to continue is the exact scenario in democratic states and local governments across the nation in recent weeks.

In New Jersey, the police arrested the owners of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr for defying the state order of keeping the business closed in response to COVID-19. Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti had taken all the crucial precautions to stop the spread of the virus. They disinfected all the tools, mandated face masks, took the temperature of each member, operated the gym with 20% capacity, etc.

Atilis Gym is one example of countless small businesses trying to balance public health, government orders, and profitability before shutting down due to COVID-19 regulations.

Meanwhile, in major cities such as New York, Philadelphia, New Oregano, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, and Portland, violent protests continue to go on. In Portland, protesters breached a fence around the Federal Courthouse, hosing US agents.

Why are these left-wing protests tolerated when small business activities are not? The virus doesn’t choose its casualties based on political preference. Phil Murphy, New Jersey’s governor, attended a Black Lives Matter protest in June, contrary to his order prohibiting large gatherings.

The Congressional Democrats proposed a $3.5 trillion of financial aid package yet would still hurt a lot of small business owners. The Democrats have planned to extend the $600 supplemental unemployment insurance on top of what the state already provides. It’s like paying people more to stay at home, which would make things very difficult for small businesses to reopen, rehire the employees, and resume economic growth.

The committee of famous economist Steeve Moore has recently published an analysis report which shows that almost four in five recipients of expanded unemployment benefit earn more than when at work. The group estimates that providing and extending the benefits would cost nearly ten million jobs, and would heavily damage the path of economic recovery.

According to Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, the difference between Democrat and Republican stimulus package proposal is like “a giraffe and a flamingo.” In return, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer kept the animal theme unchanged and said, “A golden retriever can’t mate with a chihuahua. You have a chihuahua. We have a beautiful lion.”

How can someone with a rational mind compare the Republican’s $1 trillion packages with a chihuahua? Only the Democrats can do that.  When it’s about an unprecedented blowout of taxpayer’s money, bigger is definitely not better.

The estimation of Congressional Budget Office says that the national debt will reach 100% of the GDP by the end of the decade. With the additional few trillion dollars, the national debt will crossover the 113% record set at World War 2. Policymakers must do something beneficial to keep the coronavirus spending as low as possible to prevent an enormous problem for the country’s future generations.

The Democrats don’t actually care about debts. The significant portion of the Democratic party believes in Modern Monetary Theory. This crackpot Economy doctrine says debt doesn’t matter because the US can simply print money to service it. The stated theory is faux because excessive printing of money damages its value, and causes high price inflation. The inflation will hurt the ordinary people whose savings will be liquidated, and consumption will shrink.

The US economy is regaining as majority of the stay-at-home order has been lifted. The unemployment rate lowered to 11.1%. By providing the liability protection for the reopening of small businesses, the Washington Legislators can boost the return to normal phase.

The arrest of gym owners while the protesters are allowed to persist reveals the Democrat’s agenda which punishes the hardworking Americans and rewards the loafers. The voters should never forget.