Actor Dennis Quaid: ‘While You Were Impeaching Trump, He Saved The Country’

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According to TheDailyBeast, “The veteran all-American actor who starred in The Parent Trap, Any Given Sunday, to The Right Stuff, is phoning from the Hollywood Hills, where he’s holed up with his fiancée Laura Savoie. He’s curious about the situation in New York City, where I am, which has become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. It has at least 74,601 cases and 3,544 deaths as of Tuesday morning.”

He’s been interested in the occurrences in New York City, the center of the coronavirus outbreak, with a minimum of 74,601 cases and 3,544 loss of life due to the pandemic. 

In 2007, the all-American actor experienced a traumatic experience when his 10-day-old twins were mistakenly given a thousand times the standard dosage of heparin at a hospital. Since the incident, the all-American actor has been a patient-safety advocate, featuring in numerous documentaries regarding health-care and testifying on Capitol Hill. According to him, President Donald Trump has been exceeding expectations regarding the pandemic’s handling, which a lot of people may disagree with. 

Dennis Quaid’s phone call discussed his latest podcast “The Dennissance,” highlighting the all-American actor’s talking points with his crew— with upcoming features including, Billy Bush, Logan Paul, Lance Armstrong, and Billy Ray Cyrus— to provide the public with overlooked information. 

TheDailyBeast’s report also touched base on particular issues like the actor’s definite opinions regarding how the Trump administration is overseeing the COVID-19 outbreak, the age gap in his relationship, his career highs and lows, etc.  

“You’ve raised quite a bit of money for hospitals and are a big patient-safety advocate, so I’m curious how you feel the President and federal government are handling the current pandemic? It does look like hospitals are criminally undersupplied right now.” a question presented to Dennis Quaid. 

Dennis Quaid stated that he believed that President Donald Trump was appropriately taking care of the issue; we even find the President on television almost every day. The President’s involvement is undeniable, and the preventive travel ban helped stop the propagation of the pandemic.  

“But partisanship aside, when we talk about the lack of medical supplies and hospitals not having the gear and ventilators they need, in February, the Trump administration shipped 17.8 tons of medical supplies to China—knowing full well that this pandemic was about to hit our shores. They’d been briefed on it. So that’s a big reason why we’re so depleted right now.” another question brought to Dennis Quaid.

“We were trying to defeat the virus at its source at that time, and as I heard yesterday, Arnold Schwarzenegger few other people are taking planes over there and shipping a lot of it back. The states are also responsible for having stockpiles of their own, according to their own needs. You know, New York, I feel for those people, and I think they’re doing their best to get them everything they need. We’ll figure that all out when it’s over, as far as whether anybody died because they couldn’t get a ventilator in a hospital. I haven’t heard reports about that, have you?”