Activists Arrested After Filling Up Gas Cans

Activists Arrested After Filling Up Gas Cans
Image Screenshot From Amy Jacobson Twitter Post Below.

Activists of the prominent Seattle pressure group “Riot Kitchen” were taken into custody in Kenosha, Wisconsin. They were spotted filling up a large number of gas cans, which tipped off the law enforcement officials in the area. Without wasting a minute, the officials arrested the activists and seized them in unmarked cars.

A 2-minute footage was shared by Riot Kitchen on Wednesday. There is a weird angle to the story, but at least the video proves it. Riot Kitchen is a non-profit group based out of Seattle.

Let’s step back and see what the video really showcased.

According to the footage, on-duty officers from Southeastern Wisconsin surprisingly showed up in a Toyota minivan. What’s weird is that the minivan had number plates from Oregon. The entire crew of Riot Kitchen was seized and taken into custody.

But that’s not all! Before arresting the crew, the law enforcement officials chose to smash the window of the vehicle and drag out two of the crew members near the gas station.

The accusations made by the non-profit group are pretty serious. They stated, “Our crew was seized and taken hostage by the Feds in vehicles that are unmarked. How lawful is this?” The unfortunate so-called arrest was made in broad daylight. What causes doubts is the unmarked vehicle and the fact that the curfew was in full swing.

“Our crew, more so, our friends were only there to feed the poverty-stricken and hungry people. We are putting in our best efforts to look for our friends,” tweeted Riot Kitchen.

Jennifer Schuerle, the egghead and board member of Riot Kitchen, also explained that six members of their crew were dragged and arrested off-camera. Why? Well, because they were filling up the bus and the food truck with gas. “Is filling up the gas a crime now?”

Kenosha Police did come out and made a statement. The officials said that they had been tipped off by a state resident. “Not one, but several vehicles were on a move and in a precarious and suspicious way. All vehicles had number plates that did belong to the state. To top it off, the vehicles first gathered in a barren and remote area, before dispersing. The lead was enough an inkling, for us to act and act right away.”

“People flocking in the black bus and bread truck stopped by a gas station,” commented the police. “They were filling up fuel cans to the brim. Not one, but many. This did provoke suspicion. We had to act or at least get down to the brass tacks to ensure that these people were not associated with any kind of criminal dealings. Unrest is way more in the country at the moment. Adding chaos and mayhem is not needed at the moment.”

With an attempt to investigate, the officers closed in and asked the people sitting inside the truck and bus to come out. Instead, the minivan chose to rush out and drive off. The police managed to stop the vehicle from driving off. As law enforcement officials said, “We decided to act and arrest the ones in the bus.”

The vehicles were loaded with illegal firearms, gas masks, helmets, protective vests, and other baneful substances. Taking these men into custody was only right. 9 people were arrested against charges of unlawful and disorderly conduct.

Jennifer said that the accusations are nothing more than false stories. None of the crew members were activists; they were only filing up gas. However, it was only for a good purpose, as opposed to what they were being accused of.

“Multiple vehicles, really? There were two huge vehicles carrying generators. The idea was to feed the hungry and not cause mayhem. We did not have guns or weapons of any kind,” continued Schuerle.

As of now, three members from the ones in custody were released on Thursday. A spokeswoman came out and made a statement that the Kenosha police had asked assistance from the Marshals Service. However, the Marshals did not play any part in the arrests.