Accounts of What Really Went Down at the DC Protest

Accounts of What Really Went Down at the DC Protest
Image credit to Ted Eytan. Image modified from original.

Witnesses came forward to recollect what really happened in the DC protest. They refused to be identified for their safety yet verified their stories thru a series of photos and videos of the event. 

The Gateway Pundit quoted them as “Adam,” “Bill,” “Charles,” and “Doug.”

They all related that the crowd was peaceful since the police prevented violence before they stepped on the grounds of the Capitol.

“We were on the sidewalk first, up against some metal barricades and bleachers, waiting for President Trump to come to speak at the Capitol at 1 PM,” Charles recalled. Yet, when they learned about VP Mike Pence’s betrayal of not questioning electors’ certification, the people’s anger became visible. The demonstrators then unrolled a large banner of a vampire Nancy Pelosi, charging up the mass.  

“The streets were jam-packed, of everyday people: grandmas, children, families, lawyers, doctors, people from all walks of life. This was an American crowd,” also recalled Bill.

According to Charles, the families moved to the interior barricades non-aggressively. However, the cops came and used overwhelming force. They then started hitting the demonstrators, even the elderly. There were also kids in the event, who the police target, hitting their head with batons. 

Naturally, the crowd demanded that they be treated respectfully. However, the police used pepper sprays and tear gas, which they fought through four layers of barricades.

Then a guy literally climbed up a tower to have a clear vantage of the entire venue. He steered people into the Capitol, directing them when to move forward. He also told people to pass bottled water forward and other resources.

Bill also recalled that the riot police were trying hard not to engage. But the demonstrators grabbed metal connectors and threw them to the officers. As a result, the barricades loosened, and since the people were angry that the cops attacked the kids, they also started beating them up.  

Bill continued that one obese cop shot people in the eyes with pepper packs causing horrible injuries. He saw an older woman bleeding profusely, and it looked like her eye came out of the socket. Bill said they went for the asshole, but the cops retreated when they saw it was a fair fight.

“It was coordinated on all sides, and the cops were hitting us with six cans of tear gas at once, and multiple grenades. They were shooting at the same time. It felt like a shooting gallery, and they were the aggressors. They were shooting into the crowd several rows back really for no reason,” Charles said.

The police again marched forward and advanced to the crowd. They were about to take control of the protesters. Doug said his team realized what was about to happen. He yelled out, “Mama didn’t raise no bitch.” So, they threw the barricades aside and run to the Capitol. They used the scaffolding from Biden’s inauguration platform to reach the complex.

Adam added, “They put us in this situation where we had no options.

We couldn’t go back against the crowd, we were being pushed into these cops, and the cops were cracking skulls with metal batons for no reason. Then we could see that they were about to make things even worse. They made this situation and gave us no other options.”

The fight with the vicious polices continued, along with other police forces. Several people rushed into the Capitol, while curious seekers entered the establishment.

“There was something that told me that actually entering the building was too far, so I stayed outside, but it was tempting,” said Adam.

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