ABSURD: 10 Members Of The COVID Panel Have Financial Interests

ABSURD: 10 Members Of The COVID Panel Have Financial Interests

We all know the fact that National Institute Of Health has been dedicatedly working on developing a proper guidelines for treating Covid19 and the members of this organization’s panel have a close association with the company which running a clinical trial of a Coronavirus treating drug and another pharmaceutical company which is developing a Coronavirus vaccine.

The members of the NIH’s panel come from different backgrounds like Physicians, Statistician, and other experts from different fields. These members are working hard to come up with an actionable coronavirus guidelines so that healthcare providers can get a proper direction and make the optimum use of it. The guidelines cater to the two major categories: anti-viral and host-modifier. The anti-viral treatment directly targets the virus and kills it and host-modifier or immune based therapies are used for influencing the overall immune response to the targeted virus.

The comprehensive guidelines provide all the valid background information about each of the agents. It includes all the clinical data, the usages, information about ongoing clinical trials and all the known interactions with other drugs so that it can develop the sound basis for recommendation.

The Financial Disclosure For Companies related to COVID-19 treatment published in the panel of National Institute of Health reveals the close tie between 8 panel members and Gilead Science.

Gilead Sciences is a US based Bio-Pharmaceutical company headquartered in Foster City, California. This company developed the potential drug Remdesivir  for treating Coronavirus.

US has already purchased the whole supply of Remdesivir from Gilead Science and in the first week of June, the company announced the news of Drug’s third phase of clinical trial on patients with moderate symptoms of Covid-19 and they found success from the trial.

The strange thing is that Gilead Science has applied for the approval of Remdesivir from FDA very recently but the drug has been in active use for treating the patients with severe symptoms of Coronavirus. The authorization which Remdesivir has gotten from the FDA is a temporary one- doesn’t follow the standard rule which the includes the formalities like application submission, review and final approval process.

Remdesivir has been working good for both the 5-days and 10-days treatment groups. Nausea is one of the common side effects felt by the patients who were treated with this particular drug.

According to to  Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the Remdesivir is a very effective drug for treating the patient with coronavirus. Dr. Fauci cited the reference of a in-dept medical research done by the sponsorship of his own organization, NIAD and said, the data showed significant positive effect in eliminating the recovery time of the patients suffering from Coronavirus.

Remdesivir is also widely used in Japan as an effective treatment for the patients who are suffering from Sars-Cov-2 or coronavirus. But, outside of Japan, Remdesivir is still considered to be an investigational and unapproved drug.

According to Dr. Fauci, each of the trials that are being conducted now have a new standard of care for patients.

Dr. William O’Neill, a cardiologist and Medical Director at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit recently had an interview session with the Just the News contributor Sharyl Attkisson where the doctor told that he is not very impressed with the success rate of Remdesivir in treating patients with coronavirus.

According to O’Neil, the drug has created a huge amount of hype. Dr.O’Neil has gone through different well known medical journals on Remdesivir but he couldn’t find any major benefit of this drug.