A TikToker Invents New Pronouns We Must Learn…

A TikToker Invents New Pronouns We Must Learn...
Image from video below...

Ben Shapiro
– TikToker Invents New Pronouns

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If that guys is a troll, well done. if not then clearly he is insane.

“My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.”


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“My name is legion for we are many” is from a movie where an angel is helping hold off a legion of demons.

The tik tokker is just a copy cat.

Phuc joe biden

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Old wolf

By the look of this troll he doesn’t have anything to stand on . Not sure just what he is talking about when he said he’s many … many what ??? Am I to guess at what he ment . If so then I say he looks like many lose screws , or how about many buckets full of sh#t for brains . I could go on but won’t . This site won’t post my respond , even tho they keep asking what I think . Why bother if your afraid of what I’m thinking . If you want to bend a knee to the woke then so be it , but don’t expect me to . I don’t care what they think . My feeling mean more to me then theirs . Specially when there ideas about their feelings are so dang stupid