A Marine’s Viral Video Gets Him Sacked…

A Marine's Viral Video Gets Him Sacked...
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Russell Brand – Stuart Scheller, a US Marine Corps lieutenant colonel who posted a video demanding accountability from military leaders over Afghanistan has been relieved of his duties and will leave US service

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Crazy thing is he wasn’t even “exposing” anyone or anything. All he said is that he demands accountability and they fired him. Makes them look super shady!

When you remember that American politicians had to literally be shamed into providing free healthcare for first responders of 9/11, you realize that they are not working for the benefit of the normal American citizens but for personal enrichment and in service of the oligarchy.

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The biden administration needs to be impeached. Tehy are firing people for no reason other than they don’t kiss their butts. They have political prisoners locked away with no consul no communication with anyone and no idea how long t;hey will keep them locked up.This is 3rd world tactics. Before anyone can get them out they will have socialism in place with no hope for anyone.


The military and government have taken a big turn to destroy America.