A Hilarious Look at Biden’s Body Language…

A Hilarious Look at Biden's Body Language...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden’s body language.

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His body language and his thought process only indicates one thing, dementia. LET’S GO BRANDON!

Look at Cooper walk him thru this-Pathetic-LETS GO BRANDON!!!

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What a pathetic clown,we are dealing with. That trillions of dollars won’t cost us nothing, yes it wiil it will bankrupt this country, and our kids and grand kids for ever.Hidenbiden can’t be believed at all,every time he opens his pie hole he lies,he doesn’t know what the truth is, because he never tells it.He’s a failure just like obuthead was for 8 yrs.

Dan Danser

The loud clapping is enhanced! It is not real. Maybe actors, like the got for Heal Up Harris’ meeting with the child actors on space,