A Hilarious Dive into Pelosi’s Bizarre Behavior During Biden’s Speech…

A Hilarious Dive into Pelosi's Bizarre Behavior During Biden's Speech...
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The Jimmy Dore Show – President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address on Tuesday, in which he made clear that he remains committed to fighting for policies like raising the minimum wage and bringing down prescription drug prices, despite not fighting for them at all when he might have been able to pass them less than six months ago.

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I was of voting age when Biden first went to Congress and what he is doing follows the same script since arriving. If you followed him since the beginning none of this should be surprising. And now you know why I couldn’t and didn’t vote for him. BTW I’m an Independent voting how I feel, not for a party. Love watching your show, Jimmy.

It shows how willing they were to clap and cheer. She wasn’t listening and just jumped to clap then realized wrong time.

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