A Christmas Miracle: You Won’t Believe What the San Fransisco Mayor Just Did

A Christmas Miracle: You Won't Believe What the San Fransisco Mayor Just Did
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– Eric Thompson from Trending Politics reports, San Francisco politicians have for years promised to crack down on drug dealing, auto theft, and other crime, yet things have only grown worse.

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It’s kind of hard to put the genie back in the bottle once you let him out

Dear God, please watch over the audits, let the truth come out, and justice prevail, in Jesus name


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San Francisco is a sinkhole of Leftist ideology. The mayor is an integral part of what has caused the deterioration of a once-proud city. Her “contribution” is too little, too late. She and others of her ilk must be removed from office.


Pure Smoke and Mirrors. There are a lot of communist dems scratching their heads. I’m not sure exactly what they thought the defund police was going to turn out, but many are seeing the reality of their misconceived desires. The far left or radical communist as I call them, knew exactly what the outcome would be. DESTRUCTION USA. These communist, what I call follow bots just went along with the party. They are beginning to see their ways of ignorance. The SWAMP has to be eradicated once and for all. We have to dig out of the ruin of communist dem rule. NEVER TO FORGET!!!!