A BLM Protester Pulls A Gun On A Driver

BLM Protester Pulls Gun On Driver
Image Screenshot From James Woods Twitter Post Below.

Recently, every single one of the 50 states in America has taken an active part in some kind of protest. The Black Lives Matter movement has flooded the entire nation, not including the peaceful protests in other countries like the UK, Japan, and the Netherlands, just to name a few. The main agenda of this movement is pretty clear: to end police brutality against Black Americans by making reforms in the department, or the protests will continue.

The actual protest began in the wake of George Floyd’s death, where a criminal officer named Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes, causing his death. The cause of death was asphyxiation.

The criminal officer Derek Chauvin was immediately fired from the department where he had been working since 2001, and was charged with a second degree murder. The three other officers involved in the incident were also fired and charged with felony. The US constitution is equal with everyone, and it ensures justice for the people.

Black Lives Matter protests have been taking place across the whole nation, where BLM protesters have accommodated rioters who do nothing but vandalize cities, burn down government properties, and put the entire nation in unrest.

Recently, a video of a protest in Indianapolis clearly shows a BLM protester pulling a gun on a truck, when the driver tried to use the roadway which was occupied by an angry mob.

According to the local media, the incident took place last Thursday.

The video showed a person drawing a handgun as the vehicle tried to get around the protestors. The truck driver then tried to use the far side of the road in an attempt to make enough space to get away. The main road was blocked by the mob.

However, the same mob of protestors who initially confronted the driver reached the other side of the road and stopped the driver from moving forward. The driver was eventually forced to reverse and turn around so he could leave.

In the video, someone shouts at the driver saying, “Come on buddy, don’t be stupid,” as another person throws a water bottle at the truck.

The entire incident was recently documented by The Indianapolis Recorder. They also found the vehicle that was in the video.

According to the newspaper report, underneath the I-65 bridge, the atmosphere was tense between the protestors and the truck driver. The members of the group tried to redirect the traffic, and the driver in started the engine and sent protestors scrambling to the sidewalk. One protester who identified himself as “Icon” pulled the gun on the driver.

Although in the video, the car isn’t shown to be revving its engine at protestors. It was just trying to make its way around the protestors.

The person holding the airgun said that he was scared of the truck driver potentially running him over. The person also said, “I stepped in front of a little girl when he revved his engine, but yes, I absolutely drew a gun to defend myself.”

After a few minutes, the car turned around and the protesters continued to walk toward the monument circle.

WIBC-FM (93.1) talk show host Tony Katz shared the truck incident video on his social media platform and called on the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to investigate the people involved in the incident.

According to Katz, both should be arrested for threatening the life of an innocent. They should be punished for their actions.

The thing is, none of the actions mentioned by The Indianapolis Recorder appear on the video. But perhaps we can give them the benefit of the doubt—it might have been possible that those happenings they reported took place before the camera started shooting the video.

The fact is: “Icon” could not give any valid explanations as to why he pointed the gun at the truck, why he was joined by another gunman, and finally, why the two of them pursued the truck when it moved away from them.

It has sadly not been uncommon for a BLM mob to disregard the basic rules of gun safety.