8 Ways YOU Can Prepare for Possible Russia, Ukraine Outcomes

BlazeTV – Russia’s invasion into Ukraine definitely is not the only way this world could come apart, Glenn says. In fact, it’s not only Americans who feel a ‘new season’ is approaching. People all around the world feel it too.

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I love how you prioritized God, prayer and reading your bible over everything, Glenn. Thank you. It’s so refreshing and encouraging. God bless you brother!

One more thing some of us can think about doing.. I’m a former war history teacher, previously lived next door to China, and have a variety of experiences within geo-political contexts (by happenstance). I believe all the ingredients are now there for another world war. I’m now an ICU and end-of-life hospital chaplain coming out of 2 years in the Covid trenches. I spoke to a US Army screener yesterday to inquire if there are exceptions for their age requirements based on need. I gave a snapshot of my background. The screener said an exception would be made for me and a recruiter would be in touch. Right now they are also offering fat bonuses as well. Clearly, things ARE moving in a direction we don’t want. I’m 55. I’m prepared to join as a chaplain if US goes to war because it WILL take everything we’ve got.. I’m sure there will be a lot of ways to join the fight. And by all means, DO pray. It ain’t over til it’s over.

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